Oddball Kickstarter project is a drum machine in a bouncy ball

Oddball Kickstarter project is a drum machine in a bouncy ball

As a hobbyist musician, I have to admit – I have a soft spot for weird ways to make music. The Oddball might be one of the strangest, coolest, and most intriguing I’ve seen to date. Just launched on Kickstarter, it is basically a drum trigger packed inside a colorful racquetball.

How Does Oddball Work?

The concept is both simple and ingenious. Once paired with the companion app, simply choose a sound, choose a sensitivity, and start tapping, bouncing, slamming, or dibbling the ball to create unique rhythms. From there, sounds can be looped, layered, and turned into unique and creative beats.

Oddball will also work as a bluetooth midi controller for Logic, GarageBand, ProTools, and Ableton. This will enable higher-end production, as well as using the ball as a trigger for even more sounds.

By putting the power of music into such an accessible package, Oddball is lowering the bar for what it takes to create music. Whether it’s due to limited space or limited skill, their hope is that if you can bounce a ball, you can create a song.

Oddball with smartphone and headphones
Oddball is a fun, easy way to create beats as unique as you.

Their current estimated delivery is January 2019, but as with all Kickstarter projects, timelines are subject to change. You can check out their kickstarter here, with Early Bird pricing as low as £49 (about $64).