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Safari Technology Preview 60 Brings Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements

Safari Technology Preview 60 Brings Bug Fixes and Feature Improvements

Apple on Wednesday released Safari Technology Preview 60, which is the latest version of their developer preview web browser, which allows developers and other interested parties to test features that may or may not, debut in future public release versions of Safari.

Release 60

Known Issues

  • Safari Technology Preview Release 60 will crash on launch on macOS Mojave Developer Beta 1. Users should upgrade to macOS Mojave Developer Beta 2 to avoid the crash.
  • After updating to Safari Technology Preview Release 60, the homepage preference and the Develop menu preference will be lost.

Web Animations

  • Changed CSS Animations to take precedence over CSS Transitions
  • Ensured animations are updated prior to requestAnimationFrame callbacks
  • Implemented the starting of CSS Transitions according to the standards specifications

Dark Mode

  • Fixed input form controls with a white background in dark mode
  • Fixed the white corner between vertical and horizon scrollbars in dark mode

Web Inspector

  • Fixed all non-Same-Site cookies getting marked as Same-Site Strict in the Storage tab
  • Fixed the Box Model section to have dark background in dark mode
  • Fixed color outline that was too dark in dark mode
  • Fixed font guideline colors that were too bright in dark mode
  • Fixed media query names that were unreadable in dark mode
  • Fixed network headers colors are too dim in dark mode


  • Fixed the AirPlay picker to use the correct theme in dark mode


  • Fixed CSS background-color style to no longer affect natively rendered text fields
  • Exposed more semantic system colors


  • Changed RTCRtpSender.replaceTrack(null) to stop the real-time source but keep the track


  • Changed CSP to apply checks before content blocker checks for network loads to match cache load behavior
  • Validated Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy for resources cached in the MemoryCache


  • Fixed plug-in process crashing that affected Flash on macOS Mojave betas

Intelligent Tracking Prevention

  • Improved classification of redirect collusion to a prevalent resource


  • Fixed key actions to support multiple pressed virtual keys
  • Included correct key code with synthesized NSEvents used for keystrokes


  • Fixed focus to follow the text cursor when zoom is enabled

Users can either download the update from the Safari Technology Preview website, or if they already have the browser installed, they can download it via the Mac App Store. Full release notes for the update are available on the same website.

While the preview is intended for use by developers and advanced users, in order to provide Apple with feedback on the development of the Safari browser, it can be run side-by-side with the release version of Safari. The app doesn’t require a developer account to download and install. For more information, visit the Safari Technology Preview website.