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Apple Shares Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Shares Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 4

The embargo on Apple Watch Series 4 reviews is over, and Apple is happily sharing reviews of the new wearable from reviewers lucky enough to get their hands on (wrists in) a new Watch ahead of its release. The new Apple Watch hits stores and front porches on Friday.

Here are just some of the (positive) review highlights shared by Apple:

The New York Times
“The new Apple Watch is perhaps one of the most significant developments in wearable gadgets in years.

Women’s Health
“The new Apple Watch health and fitness features make it a powerful device for your overall well-being. That’s because game-changing bells and whistles have elevated the Apple Watch Series 4 from an investment-worthy health accessory to a sleek and beautiful device that actually might save your life.”

USA Today
“Bigger display, fall detection and ECG may make it the time to upgrade.”

“It’s cohesive, it’s ambitious, and it might just encourage you to reshape your habits and behaviors for the better. If you still haven’t given the Apple Watch a shot and you’ve been waiting for the right moment, this is that moment. Go for it.”

“This screen makes it feel like I’m watching a freaking IMAX movie!”

Men’s Journal
“Honestly, this is really not a commercial for Apple, but more a commercial for cool things I happen to like — and this is one of them — but the fact that they put some thought into making something that basically is looking out for you is a pretty great move.” — Jon Hamm

“Apple Watch is an elegant solution from both a hardware and software standpoint. It walks the key wearable line of being engaging when necessary and fading into the background the rest of the time.”

The Independent (UK)
“The design is just gorgeous and the bright, vivid display with its narrow, curved bezels, looks sensational. The uptick in performance power is noticeable at every level and the increased health qualities and fitness monitoring are hugely welcome. If you’ve held back from getting an Apple Watch because you thought it wasn’t quite there yet, well, it is now.”

Wareable (UK)
“The ease and availability of cellular, the accuracy and usefulness of its heart rate monitor and the breadth of its fitness ecosystem — these are the areas that have left rivals in its dust. Add Apple Pay, SOS, fall detection, the heart rate alerts — it’s incredible to think that the Apple Watch Series 4 will, undoubtedly, save at least one person’s life.”

MobileSyrup (Canada)
“Apple has managed to define what the modern smartwatch is. Rather than a device designed to replace your smartphone, the Apple Watch is a companion that features expansive health functionality and delivers notifications to your wrist.”

Best Health (Canada)
“I’m obsessed with the heart rate features. I was already using my Apple Watch to check on my heart rate during exercise, and I love that the Series 4 will send me a notification if my heart rate appears low.”

The Straits Times (Singapore)
“The Apple Watch Series 4 cements Apple’s dominance in the smartwatch arena with its sleek design, useful health features and superb performance.”

The less-privileged among us who pre-ordered an Apple Watch Series 4 will start getting their hot little hands on the devices a soon as Friday, September 21, when the wearables are scheduled for delivery to early pre-order customers.