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Safari Technology Preview 69 Offers New Dark Mode Scrollbar

Safari Technology Preview 69 Offers New Dark Mode Scrollbar

Apple on Wednesday released Safari Technology Preview 69, the latest version of their developer preview web browser. The preview version of the popular browser allows developers and other interested users to try out features that may or may not, debut in future public release versions of Safari.

Release 69


  • Enabled Conic Gradients by default


  • Enabled the <datalist> element by default
  • Added new image type for the CSS Paint API
  • Changed the CSS Painting API to give a 2D rendering context
  • Changed the CSS Painting API to parse paint() and store paint callbacks
  • Changed Web Animations to not create a DocumentTimeline to suspend or resume animations

Intersection Observer

  • Handled zero-area intersections

Dark Mode

  • Changed to use a dark appearance scrollbar when the page background is dark or the document supports dark mode


  • Implemented BigInt support for ^


  • Added support for MediaKeyEncryptionScheme
  • Updated to be able to adapt between H.264 streams with and without EditList
  • Updated TextTrack cues to be updated more often than every 250ms
  • Fixed timestampOffset to prevent introducing floating-point rounding errors to incoming samples
  • Fixed the WebVTT region parameter and value to be separated by :

Web Inspector

  • Added corner rounding to the network timing blocks in the Network tab waterfall
  • Changed to more aggressively snap timing blocks together in the Network tab
  • Fixed CSP JSON request payload without a MIME-type to be pretty-printed
  • Added fullscreen enter and exit events in the Timelines and Network waterfalls
  • Fixed the Quick Open dialog to show named scripts that appear in the Debugger sidebar
  • Fixed the Quick Open dialog for line and column to have a caret indicate the position
  • Fixed malformed popovers for function source code
  • Prevented the Canvas tab from listening for “space” key press when the tab is not visible
  • Improved Canvas Recording loading speed when the “Frame” tree element is expanded
  • Updated the Canvas tab to show a warning when the path moves offscreen


  • Changed MediaRecorder to fire a stop event when all tracks are ended
  • Changed to handle MDNS resolution of candidates through libwebrtc directly

Payment Request

  • Implemented MerchantValidationEvent.methodName
  • Implemented PaymentResponse.retry()
  • Updated PaymentRequest.canMakePayment() to resolve to true whenever Apple Pay is available


  • Added a deprecation warning to the console for Web SQL
  • Fixed iteration of cursors skipping records if updated or deleted in IndexedDB

The update can be downloaded from the Safari Technology Preview website, or if the browser is already installed, it can be updated via the “Update” tab in the Mac App Store. Full release notes for the update are also available on the Safari Technology Preview website.

While the preview is intended for use by developers and advanced users, in order to provide Apple with feedback on the development of the Safari browser, it can be run side-by-side with the release version of Safari. The app doesn’t require a developer account to download and install. For more information, visit the Safari Technology Preview website.

(Via MacRumors)