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Vine App Sequel ‘Byte’ to Launch Spring 2019

Vine App Sequel ‘Byte’ to Launch Spring 2019

If you’re a former Vine user that misses Twitter’s gone-but-not-forgotten looping video app, we have good news for you.


“Our new looping video app is called Byte. Launching spring 2019,” Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann told Twitter readers on Thursday. No other details were made available, though Hofmann confirmed the upcoming service is “V2,” or a second-generation Vine app.

The app will likely be similar to Vine, which recorded video loops by tapping and holding the screen. The service became popular with users, particularly celebrities.

The Vine service was founded in 2013, and acquired by Twitter before it was officially launched in January 2013. Despite reaching a subscriber count of around 200 million users by the beginning of 2016, Twitter began winding down the service in October of that year, saying the service had proven to be tough to monetize.

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