Can I Use Apple Pay in Japan?

Japan is a mobile-first nation where technology has developed at an impressive pace. To this date, inward Japan continues to deliver some of the most spectacular technologies in robotics and genetics. This technological boom has reflected on the way consumers interact with one another in their daily lives, from staying connected to making payments.

The country estimates that 66% of the country’s 99 million mobile users now use Apple devices, and iOS smartphones specifically. This means that Apple is the leading brand when it comes to smartphones, and deservedly so.

With the omnipresence of the brand and operating system, Japanese people have started using Apple Pay as part of their daily lives, and for an added comfort when making small purchases at shops. While Japan’s banking system is draconian and consumers are always protected, nothing quite beats Apple’s own security measures, as exemplified by the Apple Pay solution.

Why Does Japan Use Apple Pay?

The simplest answer is convenience. Apple Pay is used by 383 million users globally. While no exact data is provided per country, it’s estimated that at least 30% of iOS users in Japan actually prefer or have at least tried Appel Pay as a viable solution. The solution allows for quick and more importantly safe payments, which make it very simple for consumers to conduct safe payments.

The way this is done in Japan is through the use of two bank cards, to name Suica and PASMO. Both are viable solutions that work well with a number of devices, including iPhone 8 or later, although iPhone 7 series are also supported as is usually the company’s habit to allow consumers to stay connected in the long-term.

By adding these cards to your wallet, you will have a safe buffer that allows you to conduct payments without ever exposing too much information, if any at all. Consumers appreciate the fact that their payments will be encrypted through Apple’s dedicated channels, which are known as some of the safest. This comes particularly handy in certain situations.

Using Apple Pay to Play at Japanese Online Casinos

Some payments are better entrusted to an advanced payment solution. Many Japanese love to spend on entertainment. One of those hobbies is online gaming, which is often a source of joy for many Japanese residents. To ensure the safety of transactions, people prefer to use Apple Pay to purchase credits at Japanese online casinos for that added level of security.

The reason behind this is simple. Apple Pay essentially encrypts all data submitted to the casinos. This added layer of safety is often what compels many people to choose iOS as the safest payment operating system, and deservedly so. Although some debate exists whether iOS is safer than Android, there is no denying iOS’ commitment to the highest safety standards.

Apple Leads the Way for Gaming as Well

Besides online casinos, Apple is often the preferred manufacturer for gaming devices that enable players to explore numerous popular game titles.  Apple is the device of choice for Japanese mobile gamers not just because of the fact that it’s well-represented in the country. There are other factors at play. For instance, players are keen to play from devices that have:

  • Great battery life
  • Overall design
  • Functionality.

This is precisely why Apple smartphones and tablets often rank very high in gaming preference. Mobile gaming in Japan is also worth a pretty penny. In fact, it’s estimated at some $13.9 billion, one of the world’s largest.

This means that players will find themselves satisfied as Japan is equipped to offer gamers everything, they need to have a good time. Japan definitely has a soft spot for gaming and there are numerous apps that rank very high in user preference, including:

  • Super Mario Run
  • Downwell
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Dragon Quest VIII
  • Part Time UFO

Not all of these games have microtransactions, but some do, making it easy for Apple users to hop from gaming into placing a simple payment with their Apple Pay device. This way, whatever you do and whatever purchase you have to make, you will be able to trust Apple with it.

While Android users often cite the lower cost of the device as one of the reasons why they are going with it, Japanese consumers prefer to stick with the slightly more polished design and functionality of the Apple iOS devices and their powerful payment solution. If you are looking for a quick way to play or pay in Japan, Apple is it.