New Apple Video Blurbs Promote Paying With Apple Pay Cash

New Apple Video Blurbs Promote Paying With Apple Pay Cash

Apple on Wednesday posted three new 15-second blurbs promoting their “Apple Pay Cash” personal payments solution.

The three short videos are posted under the slogan, “They send, you spend.” The videos depict Messages conversations where people request and send money via Apple Pay Cash, then use their virtual wallet on their iPhone to pay at stores.

Apple Pay Cash debuted alongside iOS 11.2, and allows iPhone and iPad owners to send money through the Messages app, offering an alternative to PayPal, Venmo, and other third-party services. Money is stored in a virtual account, where it can be used for Apple Pay retail transactions or transferred to a bank account.

Apple Pay Cash allows Messages app users to do quick person-to-person money transfers using Apple Pay via iMessage transactions via their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Cash is sent from a linked credit or debit card. Received cash is stored in an Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet, and can either be used to make purchases or can be sent to the user’s bank account. Sending cash via credit card is subject to a 3% fee, while sending cash via debit card is free.