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Apple Is Behind in Foldable Screen Technology – That We Know Of

Apple Is Behind in Foldable Screen Technology – That We Know Of

Some trends last a life time while other change fast. Recently Samsung and Huawei attempted to revolutionize the mobile phone market. The new gadgets introduced by both companies boast a foldable display technology.

Other tech giants, following Samsung and Huawei, are preparing to launch their version of “foldables.” It’s uncertain, at this point, whether being able to fold your screen in half could find its users preferring such handhelds over conventional phones. It might be a hit or a flop.

DigiTimes reported, companies like Vivo, LG, Xiaomi and LG are not much behind Huawei and Samsung when it has come to releasing their own foldable display smartphones. To strengthen the industry perspective that this trend is unavoidable, most known Android app developers are gearing up to capitalize on the bigger screen real estate.

Apple, has not publicly commented on their vision for foldable phones but insiders suggest that Apple will not skip this trend. These claims are supported by recent Apple patents as well as the supply chain vendor feedback.  We’ll know more after March 25, when Apple is scheduled to broadcast the recently announced keynote. Experts believe that being first to market might be good in the short term, it’s not a good predictor for long term success. The most recent examples that the previous statement can be true is Apple Music and Apple Watch. Both ventures were not first to hit the market but are leaders today.

Apple should take enough time to make their devices exceptional. The company has a lot to lose if it introduces a product that does not meet public expectations. At CES 2019 Tim Cook announced that they are planning to launch some new devices, though he refrained from giving any details. This cryptic approach is in line with Apple’s secretive strategy for rolling out new innovative products, which keeps us excited.

The internet speculators are running wild about Apple’s design of the future foldable iPhone. “iPhone Fold” and “iPhone X Fold” are the first naming conventions out there.

Image via Foldable.News