Apple Drops Five New “That’s iPhone” Videos

Apple Drops Five New “That’s iPhone” Videos

If you follow Apple on YouTube, you know that they have been sharing tons of great promotional and informative videos on iPhone and iPad uses. Today, the company dropped 5 more promotional videos in their “iPhone Can Do What?” series.

The videos, each running less than 20 seconds, highlight a feature or app on iPhone that can make life a little easier.

The first of the set highlights the advances in waterproofing Apple has added to recent iPhones. Check it out:

The second video released today shows off the iPhone’s ability to use Face ID to sign into apps and services. This is an often under appreciated feature of the device, so it’s great to see Apple showing it off.

Third on the list today demonstrates how you can get better images or grab the moment just before or after hitting the shutter with Live Photos. By choosing a different Key Photo, you don’t need to worry as much about timing your shots just right.

In the fourth new video, Apple highlights their own “Apple Support” app. The 16-second video show how easy it is to start chatting with a genius about whatever issue you’re iPhone is facing. While the actual interaction isn’t as easy as the ad shows, it is a great tool.

The final video to drop today shows off Apple’s location aware passes within the Wallet app. In the ad, we see a boarding pass “notification” appear on screen, allowing the users to quickly access the pass. This feature of Wallet can save tons of time avoiding digging for passes inside of another app.

The entire set of ads are great. Better still is the promotional page for the “iPhone Can Do What” series. The entire thing is full of tons of quick and useful tips for any iPhone user.

Apple has been doing an excellent job of updating their YouTube channel with tons of quick, fun videos, and are definitely worth subscribing to (if that’s something you’re in to). You can also find tons of in-depth, helpful tips and tricks on the Apple Support channel.