Apple TV Remote App for iOS Gets an Update, New Icon

Apple TV Remote App for iOS Gets an Update, New Icon

Apple on Tuesday released an update of its Apple TV Remote app for iOS. The new version features a fresh icon, sporting a stylized silhouette of the company’s minimalist Siri Remote.

The new icon features a gray background, featuring a simplified representation of the Apple Siri Remote. The new icon matched Apple’s current art style being used in the company’s online promotional material and documents.

The only other change with the new update are the ever-popular “general performance and stability improvements.”

The Apple Remote app was launched in 2016 as an iOS version of the Siri Remote that comes with the Apple TV. The app turns your iOS device into a remote for use with your Apple TV.

(Pro tip: Use this app, it’s keyboard makes it SO much easier to enter text on the Apple TV, especially passwords and such, due to its on-screen keyboard.)

The app allows users to navigate Apple TV screens with touch gestures, provides the aforementioned keyboard, as well as the ability to ask Siri to find something to watch, listen, or play.

Users can also control the content currently playing, view song lyrics, change music tracks, and select movie chapters. Simplified game controls are available, and volume controls are available in the app.

Apple TV Remote is free, and is available in the iOS App Store. [GET IT HERE]

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