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Fake ‘AirPods 2’ Marketing Stunt Fools Apple Fanbase

Fake ‘AirPods 2’ Marketing Stunt Fools Apple Fanbase

There has been a short video circulating around on the internet about the latest Apple ‘AirPods 2‘ that has fooled many Apple followers, including most reputable fan-based Apple blogs. In an extensive marketing stunt where a video produced by the US-based marketing consultancy – Culprit Studios, was used as a fake viral campaign. An anonymous user forwarded this video to different Apple-focused blogs, who took the bait, and spread the content as leaked legitimate Apple advert.

The marketing company looking for attention got plenty of it. It was explicitly made in Apple’s style constituting a fake background script to deceive viewers. Many blogs have later apologized for having shared the stunt as an official declaration. Amongst all, 9to5mac and MacRumors fell for the fake ad. Apple is said to be close to launching the latest version of its AirPods 2, which sources suggest, could include intelligent or smart feature functionality, a wireless AirPods charging case, a new coating, and perhaps a black color as an option.

As for the timing of the unvieling event, the original rumor implied that the new gadget would be released on the 25th of March. Historically, Apple seldom unveils new products on a Monday unless it’s the start of the WWDC week. New rumors suggested March 29, which is also a Friday, and also unlikely. We expect to find out the exact date this coming week and will update our readers to mark their calendars. Stay tuned.

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