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MacTrast Deals: The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle

The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle will help you make music in the moment and bring it to life with mixing, matching, and visualization tools.

The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle: Make Music in the Moment & Bring It to Life with Tools for Mixing, Matching, Visualization & More – Just $49!

Cross DJ

Seamlessly Mix with a Pro DJ Software on Desktop & Mobile

Whether you trying to mix on the go or on stage, Cross DJ delivers all the essential features of a pro DJ software on all major platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS and Windows. Cross DJ touts a powerful BPM detection algorithm, finding the BPM of your tracks and syncing them. It provides full control on the key of your tracks with Key detection and Key matching and helps you create smooth harmonic mixes and quickly visualize compatible tracks. You can experiment with native support for over 80 controllers and leverage frequency-colored waveforms to edit your tracks. Plus, you can use Cross’ desktop version to play video like audio files or sync video to audio via the built-in Video sampler.

  • Easily find the BPM of your tracks & sync them w/ BPM detection
  • Enjoy full control on the key of your tracks w/ Key detection & Key matching
  • Seamlessly integrate w/ popular apps, like iTunes rekordbox™ & Traktor™
  • Accurately edit your tracks w/ frequency-colored waveforms
  • Tweak your mix w/ 14 audio effects ranging from Phaser, Echo, Flanger & more
  • Use the desktop version to access CDJ control w/ HID integration


  • DJ Mag: “Really does an uncanny job.”
  • DJ Worx: “Beyond what is available in other competitive packages.”
  • Digital DJ Tips: “Capable, professional & versatile.”


Ditch the Complicated VJ Software & Add Stunning Visuals to Your Tunes with This User-Friendly Solution

For the aspiring DJ, adding visuals to your music meant trying to wrap your head around overly complicated VJ software; but that’s all changing thanks to Remixvideo. Using an amazingly user-friendly grid of video loops, Remixvideo empowers you to seamlessly mix and match music and visuals. You can adjust your visuals with 18 real-time video FX and blend videos together with 7 mixing modes. Remixvideo also includes 144 free VJ loops and 36 HQ audio samples to expand your options further.

  • Seamlessly mix & match visuals and music w/ an intuitive grid of video loops
  • Easily sync w/ any compatible software & hardware
  • Adjust BPM in real time to follow the tempo of your music & mix visuals in perfect sync
  • Sync w/ Remixlive, Cross DJ or Ableton via Ableton Link
  • Adjust your visuals w/ 18 real-time video FX, such as kaleidoscope, zoom or displace
  • Easily assign MIDI commands to any controller w/ built-in MIDI learning capabilities
  • Enjoy support for all main formats & codecs


  • CDM: “Remixvideo stakes out a unique place in the market.”
  • DJ Worx: “Think Ableton Live but for visuals.”


Make Music in the Moment with Synced Loops, Finger Drumming & Live Recording Capabilities

Remix and sample music on the fly with Remixlive, the all-in-one tool that brings together synced loops, responsive finger drumming, live recording capabilities, and more. You can play Remixlive like an instrument to create unique beats and melodies or record patterns with the loop-based sequencer. From launching fully-synced loops to adding FX, Remixlive live lets you do it all on a single platform. iOS, Android, Mac and PC compatibility make Remixlive easy to take with you anywhere, and you can use Ableton Link to jam in sync on multiple devices.

  • Easily record patterns, create unique beats & melodies
  • Create rich & layered tracks using the multiple playmode
  • Bring together samples from different sources, including 100+ pro sample packs available in the app
  • Integrates seamlessly into your DAW of choice, such as Ableton Live, Logic Pro X or Reaper
  • Adjust your sound w/ live-controllable effects such as Delay, Filter, Flanger, Reverb and more
  • Create build-ups & drops with the six real-time beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2 bars
  • Finger drum in real time using one-shot samples on desktop or mobile w/ or without a controller
  • Accurately edit individual samples’ length, BPM & ADSR w/ Waveform Zoom view


  • DJ Mag: “A very intuitive way to make professional-sounding tracks.”
  • Ask.Audio: “Really a fun and powerful performance tool.”
  • MusicRadar: “Remixlive bridges the gap between DJing & music production.”

The Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle: Make Music in the Moment & Bring It to Life with Tools for Mixing, Matching, Visualization & More – Just $49!