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T-Mobile to Begin Testing LTE Home Internet Service Before 5G Service Launch

T-Mobile to Begin Testing LTE Home Internet Service Before 5G Service Launch

A blog post today by T-Mobile CEO John Legere revealed the wireless carrier will soon begin testing an LTE home internet service, and shares plans for the company’s upcoming 5G home internet service.

Legere wrote, in his typical bombastic manner:

Home broadband is one of the most un-competitive industries in existence. The New T-Mobile & 5G can and will change all that. And we’ve already got this in the works. T-Mobile will soon begin a pilot of Home Internet service using a 4G router operating over T-Mobile’s LTE network. Customers will get the router for free, and after the merger, it will be upgraded to include 2.5 GHz spectrum and 5G compatible hardware. The New T-Mobile is coming for you, Cableopoly… you’ve been warned!

The post also shared other plans for the Magenta Carrier, including:

  • New T-Mobile’s business plan is to have 9.5 million customers on in-home broadband service by 2024.
  • Deliver 100+ Mbps speeds for wireless broadband to 90% of the population and in-home service to over half the country’s households by 2024.
  • Self-installation via a mobile app.

Legere also promised that if the pending T-Mobile/Spring merger is approved, the newly merged carrier will be able to offer service in rural areas that suffer from few broadband options.

New T-Mobile will take this Un-carrier movement beyond wireless and give the Cableopoly a challenge they’ve never had to deal with: COMPETITION. And in the process… we’ll give millions of Americans – especially those in underserved rural areas – more choices and options for connecting to the Internet and participating in the digital economy.

Legere says T-Mobile’s eventual 5G home internet service will be priced cheaper than the average $80 per month many cable customers pay now. In addition, there will be no installation fees, no service contracts, a free router, and simplified pricing.

With the New T-Mobile and 5G, we will deliver improved broadband connectivity at a lower price – including for rural consumers. A low-cost structure means we can aggressively price this service below what in-home broadband providers typically charge today (assuming they provide service in an area at all)! There will be – a simple monthly price, no annual service contract, no extra charge for the router, no installation charges, and no surprises.

Legere claims the New T-Mobile will save customers up to $13 billion a year on home broadband by 2024.