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Pixelmator Photo for iPad Now Available in the App Store

Pixelmator Photo for iPad Now Available in the App Store

The AI-powered Pixelmator Photo app for the iPad is now available in the App Store. The $4.99 app provides all the tools photographers need to edit photos on iPad. The app offers a collection of nondestructive, desktop-class color adjustments, AI that enhances photographs like a pro photographer, full RAW support, a magical Repair tool to remove unwanted objects from photos, a set of gorgeous presets inspired by analog photographic films, and more.

Pixelmator Photo for iPad Now Available in the App Store

Pixelmator Photo features include:

Powerful tools for improving your photos

• Edit photos using a collection of advanced, nondestructive color adjustments, specially designed to preserve detail and naturally improve photos.

• Take advantage of full RAW support to edit high-resolution RAW photos from your DSLR camera or iPhone.

• Effortlessly remove unwanted objects using the incredible Repair tool.

• Crop, straighten, and correct perspective with an easy-to-use Crop tool.

• Use groundbreaking machine learning to automatically enhance photos, adjust lighting, white balance, and colors, apply presets, and even improve the composition of your photos.

• Edit completely nondestructively, resetting changes made with any tool at any time you like without affecting other edits.

• Share edited photos back to your Photos library, export to a range of different formats, and easily share photos with others.

Desktop-class color adjustments

• Edit photos using a collection of powerful, desktop-class color adjustments.

• Follow all the changes you make in the beautiful live histogram.

• Improve exposure, contrast, brightness, highlights, and shadows using the Lightness adjustment.

• Adjust color saturation, vibrance, and hue with Hue & Saturation.

• Improve the balance of colors in the shadows, midtones, and highlights.

• Selectively adjust individual color ranges using the Selecti​ve Color adjustments.

• Quickly improve brightness, contrast, and color by setting black, white, and grey points using the Levels adjustment.

• Use the Curves adjustment to adjust lighting and color with incredible precision.

• Mix the balance of the red, green, and blue color channels to create intense color effects in your images.

• Replace any color with any other using the Replace Color adjustment.

• Create beautiful black and whites even from your color photos.

• Use the Fade adjustment to wash out the contrasts in your photo and give it a faded look.

• Add beautiful, film-style grain with the Grain adjustment.

• Use a range of additional adjustments, like Sharpen, Color Monochrome, Sepia, and Invert to make any photo stand out.

Groundbreaking artificial intelligence

• Use ML Enhance, trained on 20 million professional photos, to improve your photos like a pro photographer.

• ML Enhance automatically takes care of all the subtle improvements that go into every great shot — white balance, exposure, shadow, and highlight detail — so you can focus on adding your own creative finishing touches.

• Automatically fine-tune individual adjustments, like Lightness, White Balance, Selective Color, and Color Balance using the knowledge from the same 20-million-photo Core ML algorithm.

• Intelligently crop photos using the machine learning-powered ML Crop.

Stunning presets for film emulation, vintage looks, and more

• Pixelmator Photo includes extensive collections of presets inspired by different photography styles and designed for a variety of subjects.

• Create and save your own custom presets.

• The Black & White presets are based on classic black & white analog films for creating authentic monochrome shots.

• The Cinematic presets emulate the orange and teal look, letting you quickly add striking color contrasts.

• The Classic Films and Modern Films preset groups are based on some of the best-known and popular analog films from the past and present, creating subtle and tasteful analog photography looks.

• Use presets in the Landscape, Urban, and Night collections to quickly enhance your nature photos, city photography, and night shots.

Pixelmator Photo is $4.99, and is available now for the iPad in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]