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Dutch Bank ING Confirms Apple Pay is ‘Coming Soon’ to the Netherlands

Dutch Bank ING Confirms Apple Pay is ‘Coming Soon’ to the Netherlands

Dutch bank ING has confirmed that Apple Pay is “coming soon” to the Netherlands. The bank made the announcement on its website.

The headline reads: “Coming soon. Yes! ING is introducing Apple Pay.”

The full announcement reads:

Soon you can pay with your Apple Device, such as your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Great, you always have it with you! So never search for your wallet again.

ING introduces Apple Pay in the Netherlands

We will keep you informed on this page and via social media. And when the time comes, you will receive a message in the Mobile Banking App.

As notice by iCulture, Apple’s payments solution had been listed for awhile on the ING website as a payment option. Plus Apple’s Apple Pay pages had been translated into Dutch in preparation for the Netherlands debut. While the publication had contacted ING, the bank said it could not as yet disclose the launch date.

Other Dutch banks are said to be in talks with Apple about their contactless payments solution. ABN AMRO confirmed that it is in talks with Apple, while other banks were a little more reticent to discuss negotiations.

When Apple’s payments solution does come to your bank, do the following to add your credit or debit card to your iPhone’s Wallet app.

Adding Your Credit or Debit Card to Apple Pay

If your bank is on one of the above lists, you can now add your credit or debit card to the service by doing the following:

  • iPhone users running iOS 12 can go to the Wallet app and tap the “+” icon in the upper right-hand corner to begin, and then just follow the prompts. Users of iPads with Touch ID can add a card to the service to use in apps by going into “Settings” -> “Wallet & Apple Pay” to add a card there.
  • Apple Watch users will need to enter the Watch app on their iPhone, Tap on the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option, and then tap the “Add Credit or Debit Card” option.

For more information about the service, visit the Apple website.

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