What’s New in iOS 13 Beta 6

What’s New in iOS 13 Beta 6

The sixth beta of iOS 13 was released to developers on Wednesday. Here are the changes that have been discovered in the new beta so far.

New App Splash Screens – Several first-party iOS apps now feature splash screens when they launch following the update. The App Store splash screen promotes the new location for “Update,” and Apple Arcade. The Photos app promotes new video editing features, and the Game Center splash screen shows up for any game that uses the feature.

Screenshots – Screenshots have returned to rectangular corners instead of being curved at the corners.

URL Previews – URL previews can now be hidden on a per-app basis.

Cellular Signal Bar – The cellular signal bar has been returned to its former smaller size.

New Dark Mode Toggle – Dark Mode now boasts a toggle switch inside of Control Center. The feature can be enabled in the Control Center settings.

Folders – Folders now offer a more saturated background that reflects the wallpaper behind them. As noted by AppleInsider, the “feature” looks good with a dark background, but a bit odd in other situations. This means it could be a bug instead of an actual design choice on the part of Apple.

ETA Sharing in the Maps App – The ETA sharing feature in Apple Maps has disappeared. Again, this could be a bug or a purposeful removal. Time will tell.

These are all the changes that we’ve heard of, if you hear of any let us know, and we’ll update this article as new changes are discovered.

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