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Amazon Reveals Its Alexa-Powered Echo Buds AirPods Competitor

Amazon Reveals Its Alexa-Powered Echo Buds AirPods Competitor

Amazon has unveiled its Alexa-powered Echo Buds earbuds, its wireless earphone entry designed to compete with Apple’s AirPods. Amazon’s Echo Buds not only include Alexa, but also Bose-developed active noise cancellation.

The new earbuds work on both iOS and Android devices, and offer some of the same basic functionality as Apple’s AirPods, such as wireless audio and access to a virtual assistant.

In addition to Alexa, the Echo Buds will also summon Siri and Google Assistant with a tap of a bud. The new buds will also offer some features not available from other earbuds, such as the ability to aid the user in navigating a Whole Foods store. (Whole Foods is owned by Amazon.)

Bose Active Noise Cancellation is available in the Echo Buds, and can be toggled on and off with a double tap. The new earbuds offer two microphones outside the bud and one inside, to work to reduce ambient noise, and help Alexa with voice recognition.

Other features include:

  • Immersive sound – Premium speaker drivers deliver crisp, dynamic audio. Bose Active Noise Reduction Technology and sealed in-ear design limits background noise.
  • Hands-free with Alexa – Echo Buds work with the Alexa app to stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, or get directions—just ask.
  • Access other assistants – Supports access to Siri or Google Assistant from a supported device—just press and hold your earbud.
  • Long-lasting battery – Get up to 5 hrs music playback per charge, up to 2 hrs with a 15-min quick charge, and up to 20 hrs with the charging case.
  • Customizable fit for better sound – 3 sizes of ear tips help form a comfortable in-ear seal for immersive listening.
  • Exercise ready – Sweat-resistant with a secure fit that’s made to move with you.
  • Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new skills – Request a rideshare, get a guided workout, or order dinner, all hands-free.
  • Designed to protect your privacy – Built with multiple layers of privacy protections and controls, including the ability to mute the mics with the Alexa app.

Amazon is pricing their Echo Buds below Apple’s AirPods, as the price will be $129, which is considerably lower than the $159 asking price for the AirPods. ($199 for AirPods and a Wireless Charging Case.)

Pre-orders are now available, Echo Buds will begin shipping on October 30.