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Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Proud’ to Make Mac Pro in Texas, ‘iPhone is made Everywhere’

Apple CEO Tim Cook: ‘Proud’ to Make Mac Pro in Texas, ‘iPhone is made Everywhere’

Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday visited the Texas facility where Apple’s new Mac Pro will be manufactured, and during the visit, Cook spoke with ABC News.

Cook told ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis that he’s “proud” to build the new Mac Pro in the United States.

“We are really proud to make the ‌Mac Pro‌ here,” said Cook. “This computer is our most powerful computer we’ve ever made, by far.”

As for ever making the iPhone inside the U.S., Cook replied that he believes the “iPhone is made everywhere.”

“If you look at the glass of the iPhone, which everybody touches all day long, that glass is made in Kentucky. If you were to take apart the iPhone you would see many of the silicone components that are made in the United States as well,” he added. “The iPhone is the product of a global supply chain.”

However, Cook said that assembling the iPhone in the U.S. is not “on the horizon.”

Cook wouldn’t comment on how future China tariffs could impact the iPhone, reiterating his hopes that China and the U.S. will reach a trade accord.

“I’m so convinced that it’s in the best interest of the U.S. and best interest of China, and so if you have two parties where there’s a common best interest there has got to be some kind of path forward here. And I think that will happen.”

China is one of Apple’s most important markets, as approximately 20% of the company’s sales come from China. Cook said he isn’t concerned over Apple’s relationship with China.

“China really hasn’t pressured us, and so I don’t envision that,” he said.

Cook commented that while China has never pressured Apple to unlock an iPhone, the United States has. “And we stood up against that, and said we can’t do it,” Cook said. “Our privacy commitment is a worldwide one.”

When asked about his relationship with U.S. President Donald Trump, Cook said, “I don’t believe in having people talk on my behalf, I don’t believe in lobbyists. I believe in direct conversation. I strongly believe in engagement. I hate polarization. I despise it.”

As for future Apple products and investments, Cook said, “I don’t have my eye on anything big,” he said. “I have my eye on a lot of interesting small things.”