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Apple Demands Publisher to Pull ‘App Store Confidential’ Tell-All Book

Apple Demands Publisher to Pull ‘App Store Confidential’ Tell-All Book

Apple is taking legal action against its former German App Store manager Tom Sadowski and publisher Murmann Verlag to force them to pull a book that the company says reveals confidential “business secrets” that the author wasn’t allowed to disclose.

Apple’s lawyers have ordered Sadowski and his publisher to cease deliveries of book orders, to recall all copies of “App Store Confidential” that are already in circulation, and to destroy all manuscripts of the book. So far, the publisher (Murmann) has resisted the demands.

Focus reports Apple believes the book violates Sadowski’s employment contract with the company, as it contains “business secrets” that are “of considerable economic value.”

Sadowski is said to offer a behind-the-scenes view of how the App Store works. It also details the author’s personal experiences at Apple, as well as his meetings with company CEO Tim Cook.

From the book’s webpage:

In »App Store Confidential«, Tom Sadowski, who was last responsible for the app business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, gives exciting insights into the app economy. How does an app in the store become successful and even “App of the Year”? What dos and don’ts apply when working with Apple? And how does it work for the tech giant from Silicon Valley, around whom myths and legends are based?

Tom Sadowski emerges from the shadow of the group and tells honestly and directly about his way to Apple, his personal experiences in the app business and meetings with Apple CEO Tim Cook. “App Store Confidential” is an inside look behind the scenes of the cult company that has changed our lives forever with the iPhone, iPad, App Store and Co.

Sadowski worked for Apple for 10 years, working for iTunes marketing for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before leading the App Store’s efforts in Germany until November 2019. He now coaches startups, providing advice to fledgling companies about their apps and monetization strategies.