Apple Ready to Release iPad Pro Smart Keyboard With Trackpad in 2020

Apple Ready to Release iPad Pro Smart Keyboard With Trackpad in 2020

Apple is reportedly working on an iPad Pro Smart Keyboard that includes a built-in trackpad. The new keyboard should see release sometime in 2020.

The Information reports its sources tell it that Apple is preparing the keyboard for mass production, and one of its main manufacturers is Foxconn Technology, the Taiwanese contractor that assembles most of the world’s iPhones.

The report indicates the new keyboard will be made from materials similar to those in Apple’s current Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro. The release of the new keyboard is expected to be alongside the next new iPad Pro, which could see a refresh as soon as March. (Apple is expected to throw a March shindig, perhaps on March 31, to unveil new devices.)

Until now, all Apple-made iPad Pro Smart Keyboards have only featured a keyboard, no trackpad. Any keyboard featuring a trackpad would need to receive a significant redesign.

Apple isn’t the only company looking to take advantage of the iPadOS accessibility feature that allows users to use a mouse for pointer input on the iPad. Accessory maker Brydge announced in early January that it will release a new Brydge Pro+ keyboard with a built-in trackpad for the iPad Pro, as well as a trackpad designed for use with iPadOS, as seen above.

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