Review: Biometric Security Protects Your Gear With a Quick Tap

Review: Biometric Security Protects Your Gear With a Quick Tap

Combination and key locks are a thing of the past with the invention of Tapp’s Tapplock Lite and Taococo’s metal fingerprint enabled padlock. They are so fast to unlock, one wonders why people would use anything else?

The biggest complaint of the old type of padlocks is how long it takes to tumble the correct numbers left and right. The Tapplock Lite $39 unlocks in .8 seconds and the (Taococo padlock $23) (Use Code Q7C3HTK3 for 10% off) unlocks in .5 seconds.

Choosing the right portable fingerprint enabled lock comes down to price and features wanted. Some of us want a simple-to-use full metal lock that works quickly and recognizes a few people. Others might want something a little more sophisticated that unlocks wirelessly for family and friends.

Range anxiety is a big deal for people who drive electric cars. Rest assured that both locks would wake up and work with currently stored fingerprints, after charging for about a minute with a portable battery pack.

The battery in the Taococo padlock lasts for about a year or 1,500 unlocks. The battery in the Tapplock Lite lasts for about 8 months and 1,200 unlocks. Tapp’s free app shows its battery level and the other lock will show a green light for adequate power or a red light when charging is needed. A two-hour charge powers up the Tapplock Lite for another eight months.

Locking up a bike chain, a sliding metal door, luggage with valuables, a backpack, a fence, and a gym locker are all basic uses for these types of locks. The Taococo is IP65 waterproof rated and should work outside.

The Tapplock Lite can store 100 fingerprints for multiple people. The Taococo padlock can store two administrator fingerprints or 10 in total.

My favorite feature of the Tapplock Lite is how it can be managed remotely. Say a bag gets shipped ahead and only one person in the group makes it to the destination. The owner of the bag with the lock can share Bluetooth access with Tapp’s free iPhone or Android app.

Taococo’s padlock has the most enjoyable unlocking experience with the fastest unlock time. As you can see in the video, it unlocks faster than you can snap your fingers.

Tapp’s Tapplock Lite has more technology that could work better for people who want to share access to something on a limited basis or in emergencies.

Disclosure: Both lock samples were supplied at no cost for review. I have not been compensated for the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some photos may be courtesy of Tapp or Taococo.