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‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ Design Detailed in New Video Based on Alleged Leaked Schematics

‘iPhone 12 Pro Max’ Design Detailed in New Video Based on Alleged Leaked Schematics

A new video claims to show the nearly-finished design of Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 12 Pro Max.” The video features details such as a smaller notch, which jibes with earlier rumor reports.

While the “iPhone 12” lineup may see a delay in its release later this year, Apple is at the very least close to finalizing the products’ final designs. A video from @EveryApplePro and @MaxWinebach purports to show most of how the “iPhone 12 Pro Max will look.

The video allegedly shows a 3D-printed mockup based on leaked schematics. The original CAD drawings were said to have been sent to unnamed case or peripheral manufacturers.

The video notes that the mockup plans are only 70% complete, and specifically the rear cameras and front notch may change before the design is finalized.

Jibing with earlier reports, the 3D-printed mockup shows the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” having an iPad Pro-like chassis with flat edges. It also shows the expected 6.7-inch display.

The 3D-printed model suggests the overall dimensions of the upcoming iPhone will be larger to accommodate the larger 6.7-inch display (the current iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display). However, the video claims that the new phone will be thinner at 7.4mm instead of the present 8.1mm. Bezels around the screen are said to be 0.9mm.

As previously mentioned, while the size and positioning of the rear camera haven’t yet been set in stone, it is claimed that the raised camera protrusion will now be a square that is 5mm larger in both length and width to the present one. The new phone will have lenses slightly recessed and the housing deepened to protect them.

The new device will include a LiDAR sensor, although Apple is reportedly experimenting with different positions for it.

Apple is also said to have been considering different sizes, depth and rounding for the Face ID notch. Some reports indicate the notch will disappear completely, although analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims the notch will merely be reduced this time around. EverythingApplePro claims the leaked CAD designs featured a notch with a similar size to the present one.

The EverythingApplePro mockup shows a wider antenna band at 1.83mm instead of the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 1mm, this was expected, due to the 2020 iPhones adopting 5G.