Rare Prototypes of the First Apple Watch Surface on The Web

Rare Prototypes of the First Apple Watch Surface on The Web

Images of a handful of Apple Watch prototypes have surfaced on the web. A collector purchased an assortment of early Apple Watch prototypes that date from before the 2015 release of the wearable, and he plans to repair them and sell them once they’re ready.

As reported by Motherboard, collector and developer Giulio Zompetti, from Italy says this isn’t a case of an Apple engineer leaving a prototype or two behind in a bar, but instead all of the prototypes come from an e-waste facility.

Zompetti says all of the devices are broken but repairable. At the moment, none of the prototypes start up enough to display any possible differences in hardware, but they do contain markings that prove they are prototypes. Approximately six Apple Watch prototypes have been displayed by Zompetti.

Apple Watch Prototypes

All of Apple’s devices go through rounds of prototyping, and many of the prototypes show off some interesting design and feature choices that were not adopted for the final product.

Zomnpetti told Motherboard that he believes he can repair them and will eventually sell them. He currently doesn’t have a price in mind, as “This stuff doesn’t have an estimated value,” he said.