Leaked Image Allegedly Shows ‘iPhone 12’ Mainboard

Leaked Image Allegedly Shows ‘iPhone 12’ Mainboard

A photo leaked via Chinese social media allegedly shows the L-shaped mainboard that will be used in the “iPhone 12.”

An image leaked by @Mattia_fb on Twitter, in response to a statement made by Apple leaker @L0vetodream, is said to be intended for the iPhone 12. The “leaked” image originated on Chinese social media and was produced in 2019.

The original tweet in the thread claimed the board was produced “in 2019, the 40 week,” presumably describing when it was made. That would put the production of the board somewhere in the September 29 to October 5 timeframe, roughly a week and a half after the release of the iPhone 11.

While the iPhone 11’s mainboard is a long, rectangular piece consisting of multiple layers. However, the “leaked” photo shows an L-shaped board for use in the “iPhone 12.”

It should be noted that Apple has used L-shaped mainboards in the past in its products, allowing them to shape the mainboard around other device components, like the device’s battery. The most recent iPhone to use an L-shaped mainboard was the iPhone 8.

As is usual for “leaks” like this, nothing is set in stone until Apple makes an official announcement and release, and someone does a teardown on an “iPhone 12.”