Leaker Says Apple to Continue Using Lightning Over USB-C for ‘iPhone 12’

Leaker Says Apple to Continue Using Lightning Over USB-C for ‘iPhone 12’

Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 12” will use a Lightning port instead of a USB-C port, but it will be last time the Cupertino firm’s flagship phone do so, says Apple leaker and Twitter user “Fudge” (@choco_bit).

Fudge says the “iPhone 13” (or “iPhone 12s”), which will debut in fall 2021, will use the data transfer capabilities of the portless Smart Connector system while charging via the same wireless charging capabilities offers in the latest iPhones. USB-C will take the place of the Lightning port.

Fudge – who last month shared allegedly leaked images of the iPhone 12 showing a revised rear camera array with LiDAR scanner, a smaller front notch, and Home screen widgets – claims that while Apple has tested iPhones with USB-C ports, but they “won’t be making it to production.” Instead, Apple will stick with Lightning for one more year before replacing the port with a ‌Smart Connector‌.

Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says he sees the highest-end 2021 iPhone model as offering a “completely wireless experience.” Charging would likely be done wirelessly through charging accessories, Qi-based or otherwise.

If a Smart Connector is included on a future iPhone, it could signal the completion of a transition to a totally wireless system for the iPhone. Charging and data transfer would both be performed over induction and wireless.

Of course, no matter what any leaker says, Apple could indeed launch an iPhone with a USB-C port this year. While it may be unlikely, Apple has surprised us before. As usual, we’ll simply need to wait and see until the Cupertino iPhone maker makes an official announcement later this year.

(Via MacRumors)