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MacTrast Deals: The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle

MacTrast Deals: The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle

The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle provides the software, assets, and instruction to guide you through building professional games and mobile apps.

AppGameKit Editor

The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle: 150+ Positive Reviews on Steam! Get the Software, Assets, & Instruction Needed to Easily Build Professional Games and Mobile Apps with AppGameKit – Just $29.99

AppGameKit: Easy Game Development Platform

Build & Launch Fun Games on Multiple Platforms with Zero Experience Required

You don’t need to be a coding guru to create your own video games—you just need the right tools. AppGameKit is a one-stop development engine that lets you quickly code and build apps for multiple platforms, no programming experience required. Designed with a BASIC scripting system, AppGameKit does the heavy lifting for you, making it easy to code, compile, and then export your projects to Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more.

Bob Duffy, Developer Relations at Intel Corporation: “AppGameKit is a great cross-platform development tool. It allows developers to quickly optimize and compile apps.”

  • Rapidly code & develop apps for multiple platforms w/ the BASIC scripting system
  • Code epic games and deploy them to multiple platforms: iPhone & iPad, Android phones & tablets, Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5 browsers, & Raspberry Pi
  • Streamline the important areas of game creation w/ simple commands
  • Leverage 3D graphics, physics & more to build your games
  • Advanced users can create games w/ the AppGameKit C++ libraries
  • Check out some of the games made with AppGameKit: 1982Na4Rush to Adventure


  • Steam: 147 ‘Very Positive’ reviews

AppGameKit: Visual Editor

Make Creating Games Even Easier with Streamlined Controls for Editing & Testing

AppGameKit already streamlines the game-making process, but you can make it even faster with the Visual Editor. Featuring a new drag-and-drop tool, the AppGameKit Visual Editor removes the guesswork that comes with 2D object placement. You can easily import your project files and modify them on the fly with intuitive controls. Plus, you’ll also have access to handy features for cross-device testing, designing multiple scenes, and more so you can get your games built faster.

  • Easily design your game’s scenes w/ a streamlined drag & drop tool
  • Seamlessly position, scale & rotate objects in your projects
  • Easily work with sprites, text, edit boxes, particles & virtual buttons
  • Set properties of objects, including transparency, color, physics, & more w/ intuitive controls
  • Test your projects on multiple devices w/ multiple resolution support
  • Define up to 50 scenes per project
  • Instantly test your projects by integrating w/ Tier 1 IDE

AppGameKit VR

Bring VR Functionality to Your AppGameKit Projects with This Expansion

Even VR games are a breeze to create when you’re building them with AppGameKit. Using this expansion, you can add powerful and intuitive VR commands to the AppGameKit Script language, allowing you to develop your own VR titles with zero hassle. From detecting head-mounted displays to integrating leap motion-support, AppGameKit VR dramatically expands what your games can do.

  • Bring VR functionality to your AppGameKit projects
  • Easily create VR games w/ streamlined VR commands
  • Integrate leap motion-support, headset detection & more VR features
  • Get the tools to create immersive standing or seated VR experiences

AppGameKit: Games Pack 1

From Puzzle to Action Games, Dive into 15 Titles Made with AppGameKit

If you’re curious as to what you can make with AppGameKit, let this game pack show you! From puzzle to action and tower defense games, this collection includes 15 games that demonstrate what can be achieved when you code with AppGameKit. You’ll have access to the source code for many of the titles, plus a PDF booklet detailing the journey one creator took to creating full games with AppGameKit.

  • Access 15 games made w/ AppGameKit
  • Learn how the developers made their games w/ full access to source code
  • Follow one developer’s journey to creating games w/ the included PDF booklet
  • Get inspiration for creating your own games w/ AppGameKit

AppGameKit: Games Pack 2

Learn How Games Are Made with Full Source Code to These AppGameKit Titles

Inside this supplemental game pack, you’ll find 13 full games that demonstrate how to use AppGameKit to build your own gaming projects. From an arcade shooter to a classic platformer, each game was made in AppGameKit and shows what you can achieve when you use this amazingly intuitive platform. Jump in, and you’ll get full access to each game’s source code, so you can discover how the developers made each title.

  • Access 13 full games spanning multiple genres, including shooters, platformers & puzzle games
  • Learn how each game was made w/ full access to each title’s source code
  • Dive into Diamond Demolition, Bad Robot, Code Breaker & more polished games

AppGameKit: Giant Asset Pack 1

Save Time & Bring Your Games to Life with Hundreds of Royalty-Free Assets

Jam-packed with explosions, fireballs, spaceships, and more fun objects, the Giant Asset Pack is your one-stop resource for making your games pop with AppGameKit. Inside, you’ll find more than 500 sprites, sprite sheets, and sprite construction sets that make for over 2,000 individual sprites! What’s more, you’ll also get access to code demonstrations that showcase the sprites, so you can bring your games to life faster.

  • Access 500+ royalty-free sprites, sprite sheets and sprite construction sets
  • Up your dev skills w/ code demonstrations for the included assets
  • Browse through different themes, including asteroids, soccer, vehicles, spaceships & more
  • Save time by using royalty-free assets in your game projects

AppGameKit: 3D Asset Pack

Bring Your Games to Life with 250+ 3D Models Spanning Multiple Genres

No game would be complete without animated models to bring it to life. Inside this pack, you’ll find more than 250 low-polygon 3D models that you can use in your own projects. Sourcing models that use polygons optimally has a major impact on your game’s performance, and this pack does the legwork for you. From cartoon to driving and shooter themes, the assets in this pack are organized into 8 unique categories and give you a great starting point for creating games in those genres.

  • Bring your games to life w/ 250 low polygon 3D models
  • Easily insert models into your projects w/ diffuse, normal & specular textures
  • Choose models from 8 different categories, including jungle, shooter, space, cartoon & more
  • Create your own games w/ assets that are royalty-free

The Complete AppGameKit Game Creator Bundle: 150+ Positive Reviews on Steam! Get the Software, Assets, & Instruction Needed to Easily Build Professional Games and Mobile Apps with AppGameKit – Just $29.99