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MacTrast Deals: The Essential Guide to Starting a Business Bundle by Evan Kimbrell

MacTrast Deals: The Essential Guide to Starting a Business Bundle by Evan Kimbrell

The Essential Guide to Starting a Business Bundle by Evan Kimbrell offers hours of content on lead generation, marketing, outsourcing, Management, and more.

The Essential Guide to Starting a Business Bundle by Evan Kimbrell: Startup 101 with 128 Hours of Content on Lead Generation, Marketing, Outsourcing, Management & More — From Top-Rated Instructor Evan Kimbrell with 490k+ Students – Just $34.99

Instagram Marketing 2020: Grow from 0 to 40k in 4 months

Watch This Instructor Take an Account from an Idea to 40k Followers in 4 Months

Are you tired of courses that just repeat information you could have found on a blog or YouTube? In this course, you will actually follow along with the instructor as he takes an account from complete scratch to 43,000 followers. You’ll start from the absolute beginning with conceptualizing the account and end with a well-defined content strategy and over 700 posts. No fake followers, no boosted posts, and no cheating—just 47,000 real followers with an average engagement rate of over 7 percent.

5,561 positive reviews from 68,416 students enrolled

  • Access 149 lectures & 22 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to create a successful themed, business, or personal account on Instagram
  • Understand the platform-specific & growth marketing jargon associated w/ Instagram
  • Design a cost & time effective content strategy that works for long term growth
  • Use scheduling tools like Buffer & Later to better control and manage your future posts

“I feel bad I only paid $15 for this course. This course is worth $$$! Saying this course is amazing is an understatement. The instructor explained everything well, and he went above and beyond by providing really neat PDFs.” – John Austria

Financial Modeling for Startups & Small Businesses

Discover Your Startup’s Key Drivers & Make Smarter Business Decisions

Financial models are invaluable for visualizing the things that make your business stick. They’re not the simplest things to make, but knowing how is vital if you’re starting your own venture. Designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners, this course will show you how to confidently create financial models of your operation and leverage them to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

2,055 positive ratings from 54,345 students enrolled

  • Access 78 lectures & 11 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to build financial models of your business from scratch
  • Use practice models & case studies to better understand your own models
  • Discover how using the right financial model can lead to better business decisions

“Great course. Will really help me with my pitch. Helps me learn the fundamentals of modeling and learn about different business models as well.” – Kofi Quaye

Advanced Product Management: Vision, Strategy & Metrics

Learn the Skills Product Managers Use Every Day

In this truly modern course, you’ll learn all of the advanced skills and techniques that successful product managers use in their day-to-day working lives. From how to implement vision and strategy to get a better understanding of how to use data, these lectures are designed for founders, CEOs, and, of course, product managers. With real-world examples demonstrating exactly how to execute each approach, you’ll find out exactly what to do (and what not to do) to build your company up to the level it deserves.

1,649 positive ratings from 11,015 students enrolled

  • Access 36 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand what vision & strategy actually mean
  • Discover how the product development hierarchy works
  • Learn the most common types of strategy
  • Set out an effective roadmap
  • Use a more modern & agile form of road mapping
  • Understand the types of metrics you should be monitoring & optimizing
  • Analyze metrics using cohorts
  • Gain an understanding of origin source sorting & how this can skew product metrics

“This was a very enlightening course! I really loved the case studies and “real world” examples. I find it easier to grasp the concepts when you can see how it is implemented.” – Helga Kotze

Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs: Build a Demo in 2 Hours

Quickly Transform an Idea into a Working Demo with No Coding Required

Building a product is no longer a tedious, time-consuming process. With rapid prototyping principles, you’ll be able to turn out a real demo of your app in just 2 short hours–valuable to you whether you’re an entrepreneur intent on launching an MVP, a product manager seeking user feedback, or more.

726 positive ratings from 32,947 students enrolled

  • Access 42 lectures & 5 hours of content 24/7
  • Test the viability of your ideas: products, features & designs
  • Get an overview of prototyping concepts: key terms, when to use wireframes, etc.
  • Understand which prototyping tools to use
  • Formulate your strategy & define the scope of your project
  • Build a low fidelity version of your prototype: sketch it out, use templates & more
  • Handle images in Pidoco, use Balsamiq, etc.
  • Create an interactive prototype: design & polish it, create a tablet version, and more

“Extremely valuable insights. Evan has tailored the sessions in a way that it seems very easy and seamless to get into wireframing and prototyping. “ – Manju Pillai

Master Outsourcing: Get the Best Price & Save Time

Learn to Outsource Like a Pro: Master Uncommon Techniques & Skills

One of the most efficient cost-cutting measures that businesses use is outsourcing. Learn to outsource effectively, and you’ll not only have the tools to save up to 90% on your next project, but you’ll complete each task faster. There are endless opportunities for outsourcing available – you just need to know how to use them.

4.9/5 stars from 35,955 students enrolled: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★
  • Access 78 lectures & 9 hours of content 24/7
  • Be 10x more efficient than those that don’t outsource
  • Incorporate outsourcing into your projects, business, or job
  • Get the lowest, most reasonable price every time
  • Learn from a top-rated, experienced instructor
  • Outsource a variety of tasks including: web dev, mobile app dev, logo design, market research, customer feedback, email marketing, sales, proofreading & more

“The instructor went through great details explaining every aspect of outsourcing. He didn’t leave out anything not answered. I’ll definitely use the accompanying materials as a guide for future projects.” – Hani M.

1-Day MVP 2.0 : Go From Idea To MVP

New Business Idea? New Feature for Your App? Create a Minimum Viable Product in One Day

Don’t waste your best ideas because you’re afraid of the process of bringing them to life. This course will give you the tools to turn any idea into a working prototype in just one day. You’ll learn to fully formulate and validate your ideas and launch them with minimum upfront costs. With the skills taught in this course, you’ll be winning over investors and collecting users in no time.

1,891 positive ratings from 39,615 students enrolled

  • Access 130 lectures & 12 hours of content 24/7
  • Finally pursue the business idea of your dreams
  • Learn the skills to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Learn from a top-rated instructor
  • Understand how to beat the competition
  • Study how to set up successful ad campaigns
  • Make wireframes & pitch decks
  • Win over investors w/ a Pidoco interactive prototype

“Super informative! The end of section PDFs really consolidated and reinforced the depth of detail covered in the video lectures.” – Anna P.

Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get Started as an Entrepreneur

Master the Concepts & Techniques to Come Up with Great Business Ideas

Starting your own business is an exciting idea, but also a bit scary. How do you know what to do? How do you know if what you’re doing is right? You learn. And this course will teach you everything you need to know to not just prepare yourself to launch a business, but to succeed in doing it. The time to pursue that dream is now!

1,489 positive ratings from 55,542 students enrolled

  • Access 98 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn the core concepts of entrepreneurship
  • Understand how to think like an entrepreneur
  • Differentiate between the important & unimportant
  • Discover how to gather the resources you need
  • Learn how to consistently think in actionable business terms

“This is a great course for aspiring or baby entrepreneurs to acquire a well – rounded perspective of entrepreneurship.” – Benjamin Clinard

How to Come Up With Killer Business Ideas: Complete Workshop

Learn How to Become a Business Idea Machine with Proven Strategies & Actionable Insights

Many of the biggest and brightest businesses you know today began as abject failures. They grew into success, but only through periods of trial and error. That’s because “great” business ideas are often not immediately great. Cultivating an idea into something special is a process of trial and error, and one that requires some scientific thinking. You’ll learn that way of thinking in this course.

2,064 positive ratings from 67,243 students enrolled

  • Access 72 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Learn how to assess an idea’s marketability
  • Spot market inefficiencies
  • Employ new, disruptive business models
  • Understand the process of developing & improving business ideas

“The course provides different ways to come up with ideas, right mindset and practical ways to look at ideas. Just what I expected.” – Alex Nguyen

Digital Marketing Masterclass: Get Your First 1,000 Customers

Acquire Your First 1,000 Customers Using Social Media, Content & Video Marketing, PR, SEO, SEM, FB, Instagram, & More!

In business, the hard part isn’t making a product anymore, it’s finding a market for your product and getting people to buy them. If you think you don’t have enough customers, this course is for you. Across 196 lectures, this course will help you understand modern marketing channels to effectively find customers. You’ll learn social media marketing, community management and promotion, pitching press and getting coverage, and creating and promoting blog posts, video content, and ads. You’ll also learn how to build a long term SEO strategy and execute CPC ad campaigns through Google, Bing, and Facebook.

“1,805 positive ratings from 69,943 students enrolled

  • Access 196 lectures & 25 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand modern marketing channels to find customers
  • Learn social media marketing through Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
  • Know community management & promotion through Reddit, ProductHunt, and HackerNews
  • Learn how to get covered in blogs, news outlets & other media sites
  • Create & promote blog posts through WordPress, Medium, and guest blogs
  • Learn to build a long term SEO strategy

“This is a great course to see how all digital marketing channels interact and merge towards meeting and or exceeding sales goals.” – Bradley Leese

Small Business Lead Generation & Cold Email: B2B and B2C

Build a Lead Generation Campaign That Will Grow Your Business, Your Network & Your Opportunities

If you want to make any idea a successful one, you’re going to need some outside help. Whether it’s finding customers or just expanding your contact list, cold emails are the way to go. Cold email may have built up a bit of a bad reputation, but that’s only because people don’t know how to do it well. When used properly, the technique opens up access to any individual in the world, whether that’s the average shopper or a Fortune 500 CEO. This course will take you through the entire cold email process from figuring out your target audience and building a hit list to effective copywriting and follow-up techniques. Plus, you’ll learn the best software to use and how to automate the most time-consuming parts — even if you have no budget at all.

214 positive reviews from 8,900 students enrolled

  • Access 116 lectures & 3 hours of content 24/7
  • Know the common pitfalls of bad cold email
  • Craft body copy that converts based on multiple frameworks
  • Use Google, press releases, & attendee lists to pull contacts you might have missed
  • Find virtual assistants & contractors w/ the right skills and right price
  • Use the 3 golden rules of cold email to never launch a failed campaign

“Man, I love this course! It almost feels like you’re watching a highly entertaining Youtube show, but with tons and tons of valuable advice on cold emailing!” – Roel Beckers

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells in 2020

Supercharge Your Conversions, Clickthroughs & More with Professional Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words that get people to take some form of action, and its impact is huge when it comes to marketing a product. Whether you need more subscribers, clicks, or sales, solid copywriting can help you reach your goals; and this course will show you how to write amazing copy for your own marketing efforts. From creating captivating headlines to mastering classic copywriting formulas that nearly eliminate writer’s block, you’ll take on every element of this essential skill as you make your way through more than 60 expert-led lessons.

1,820 positive reviews from 25,239 students enrolled

  • Access 64 lectures & 7 hours of content 24/7
  • Start w/ the copywriting basics & understand your audience, products, competition, and more
  • Dive into persuasion tactics & learn how to stir up emotion in your reader
  • Learn classic copywriting formulas that nearly eliminate writer’s block
  • Discover how to hit the right tone & messaging when targeting other businesses
  • Explore crafting captivating headlines that draw people in
  • Learn how to write for landing pages, email, CTAs, social media, content marketing & more

“By the end of the course, I exactly knew how my content should be, how I can make my website better and how horrible my previous writing works were. Really recommended.” – KR Kavin Raj

Technology for Entrepreneurs: Learn How to Understand Your Developers

Communicate with Your Developers by Learning How Technology Works

If you’ve ever taken your computer to a technician and said “Make it work” or “It doesn’t work good. Me cry”, you’re exactly the type of person who needs this course. Over the next 10 years, the United States is expected to add over 2 million programming jobs. Jobs that pay well over $100,000 a year. So if you’re trying to jump on the coding gravy train, put down your bronze statuette of Elon Musk standing on Mars, and start filling in the gaps in your “tech literacy”. Even if you yourself do not become a “coding ninja”, all the future coding ninjas you work with will thank you.

6,169 positive ratings from 103,264 students enrolled

  • Access 74 lectures & 6 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand the fundamentals of how programming works
  • Choose what programming language & path you want to pursue in your career
  • Evaluate, install, & modify any content management system
  • Understand world technology trends like responsive design, pair programming, PaaS systems, & the growth of APIs

“This course was extremely amazing!! I totally loved it 3000%. I have tried programming before but stopped due to circumstance, but this course has reignited my passion and hunger to get on programming again!” – Sohwo Akpoguma

The Essential Guide to Starting a Business Bundle by Evan Kimbrell: Startup 101 with 128 Hours of Content on Lead Generation, Marketing, Outsourcing, Management & More — From Top-Rated Instructor Evan Kimbrell with 490k+ Students – Just $34.99