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Safari Technology Preview 111 Release Offers Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Safari Technology Preview 111 Release Offers Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Apple on Thursday released Safari Technology Preview 111, the latest version of their developer preview web browser. The preview version of Apple’s popular browser offers developers and other interested users the ability to try out features that may or may not, debut in future public release versions of Safari.

The new release includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, Scrolling, Rendering, Web API, Storage Access API, Accessibility, and Text Manipulation.

Release 111

Web Inspector

  • Added an error message if unable to fetch shader source in the Canvas tab
  • Fixed Heap Snapshot Object Graph view not getting populated in some cases when inspecting a JSContext
  • Updated the title bar of undocked Web Inspector to be white in macOS Big Sur

Web Extensions

  • Fixed chrome.tabs.update() so it does not open a new tab for safari-web-extension URLs
  • Fixed chrome.tabs.create() so it passes a valid tab object to the callback for relative extension URLs


  • Fixed content changes not triggering re-snapping with scroll snap after a scroll gesture
  • Fixed scrolling pages with non-invertable transforms in children of an overflow: scroll element
  • Fixed stuttery scrolling by ensuring a layout-triggered scroll snap does not happen if a user scroll is in progress on the scrolling thread


  • Fixed high CPU usage on Bitbucket search results pages


  • Fixed autocapitalize="words" capitalizing every word’s second character
  • Multiplexed the HID and GameController gamepad providers on macOS
  • Removed the concept of “initial connected gamepads”

Storage Access API

  • Added the capability to open a popup and get user interaction so we can call the Storage Access API as a quirk, on behalf of websites that should be doing it themselves


  • Implemented user action specifications for Escape action

Text Manipulation

  • Fixed text manipulation to ignore white spaces between nodes

The preview is available for both macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur.

While the preview is intended for use by developers and advanced users, in order to provide Apple with feedback on the development of the Safari browser, it can be run side-by-side with the release version of Safari. The app doesn’t require a developer account to download and install. For more information, visit the Safari Technology Preview website.

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