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Usage of Apple Pay in the Middle East

Usage of Apple Pay in the Middle East

With the massive growth of Apple devices, it is not surprising that Apple Pay has quickly established itself as a trusted payment method all over the world. The company’s recent forays into the Middle East have fueled a desire for conducting safe payments using biometric data. Apple’s reputation for security and data privacy has made the company a preferred choice to many consumers who want to pay without worrying about their data ever becoming the subject of fraud.  Apple has ensured that its payment method is uniquely hardwired to devices and specific biometrics of each consumer without ever disclosing information. In fact, the company has refused to open an iPhone for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a token of its commitment to privacy and security. According to Arabfinancials, the exact number of consumers who use Apple Pay in the Middle East is not clear, but the company has extended support for numerous banks in the region.  This includes leading banking institutions in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai First, Arab Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank), Qatar (Dukhan Bank, QNB) and Bahrain (Bank of Bahrain, Bahrain Islamic Bank, National Bank of Bahrain) to name but a few.

Apple Pay Proves a Flexible Payment on-the-Go

Combining security and trust, Apple Pay has become a flexible payment option in the region. The company took fairly long to introduce its payment system in the region, but it has done so with confidence.   Apple’s first foray with Apple Pay was made in 2019 when it launched the solution in Saudi Arabia, the first Middle East country to receive access to the intuitive app. The Apple Pay payment app has quickly demonstrated its ability to serve customers across a number of areas, from creating everyday purchases to using a solution that puts safety first.

Thanks to the deeper integration with countries in the Middle East, customers now hardly have to worry about coverage, as Apple Pay is readily available in multiple countries. It’s estimated that Apple Pay is used by 383 million people globally, but the Middle East region is only getting started, which could be a source of many new customer acquisitions for the company.

What Apple Pay Is Used For

Apple Pay is a payment method that will work with all company devices and provide you with a quick way to settle a transaction online or at a physical vendor. Setting up Apple Pay is very easy and instructions are available in all markets and languages. Essentially, the Apple Pay solution takes your financial data and buffers it into all-encrypted software that is then communicated to the vendor.  The vendor can verify that you are submitting accurate financial data without receiving more than the Apple Pay’s verification that your data is factual. This level of trust is good for the end-user who gets to retain their privacy. You can:

  • Make purchases from online marketplaces
  • Spend on plane tickets
  • Book holidays
  • Go to concerts

Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for a variety of items, including entertainment. Financial possibilities for online casinos are continually being expanded. Apple Pay has not been promoted as a payment method for casinos and sports betting throughout the majority of the Middle East, owing to the region’s strict gambling laws. Casino gamblers in other countries, on the other hand, appreciate Apple Pay’s anonymous way of sharing financial data. Online casinos are generally trustworthy, but they are even more so if they accept Apple Pay. The opposite is also true. If you can pay with Apple Pay at a casino, it means it’s a whitelisted vendor that is worthy of your trust. The added benefit of having a unique payment solution that has an established track record for doing right by its customers is just another plus.  Meanwhile, all Apple devices you may purchase and that support Apple Pay are of exceptional quality. You can further improve your experience with a device by looking up a fitting accessory, such as a protective screen to extend the display’s lifespan.

Can You Trust Apple Pay?

Absolutely, yes! Apple Pay is a very secure method of making online payments. The new coding method generates a Device Account Number for each player. Your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch save this data encrypted. This code is unknown to everyone except you and Apple. Apple has frequently rebuffed law enforcement requests to crack its devices, claiming the great amount of trust placed in the company by its users. Indeed, many experts believe that Apple Pay is the most secure payment method available in the Middle East. This is due to the company’s overall philosophy and commitment to consumer privacy, as well as unique software and encryption technology.