Apple Users In Kuwait

Apple Users In Kuwait

The Californian company Apple is worldwide known for its state-of-the-art technology products and advanced features. But Apple is also synonymous with the attractiveness of all its devices. However, these facts aren’t the only reasons why millions of people on the planet decide to buy Apple products.

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First and foremost, the Apple Store and Apple Gadgets are available to everyone, no matter where the user is based. Kuwaiti users, for example, reveal to prefer Apple Gadgets for their extensive array of features. You can buy Apple Gadgets for a thousand different purposes: you can access exclusive music, all the newest online games, and even the best casinos on the web. Many Kuwaiti users choose Apple instead of its ever-competitor Android because they want to access and play for real money at the most popular Kuwait online Casinos. Global technology-leader Apple has signed several agreements with international online casino sites. For all Kuwaiti users who want to try a pure casino experience in all security, the pool of online casinos in Kuwait with Apple-dedicated games is the best answer.

But another excellent reason to choose Apple products is that the Apple company offers a fully customer-oriented approach that makes the users earn the honor status of ownership of the Apple devices. Above all, Apple products deserve position number one for the exceptional experience: Apple is far ahead of its competitors, thanks to the high-quality software and hardware of all the Apple devices.

Apple iPad Users In Kuwait

Considering all Apple devices, the newest iPad models seem to obtain success among Kuwaiti buyers. The attention goes to the coming-soon iPad releases, including this new iPad with an OLED display. Although this gem of technology will be available in the market in 2024, many Kuwaiti buyers have already appreciated its most valuable features. According to recent stats, many Kuwaiti users, who already own an Apple device, are likely to buy again from the same company.

So, while Kuwaiti users are already looking forward to the new OLED iPad, the pool of potential new buyers seems to expand over time. With a population of 4,207,083 people in an area of 17,818 sq km, Kuwait represents a highly profitable market for all new Apple devices. The age of Kuwaiti Apple users appears as it follows:

  • 51% of total Kuwaiti Apple iPad users are aged between 18 and 24 years old;
  • 27.6% of Apple users in Kuwait is 25-to-34 years old;
  • 18.6% of users are aged between 35 and 44 years old;
  • 2.3% of Apple users in Kuwait is 45-to-54 years old;
  • 0.5% of Kuwaiti users are aged above 55 years old.

Another relevant fact about the Apple users in Kuwait is that the percentage of male users is high above the numbers of female users: 62.9% of male users against 37.1% of female users.

What are the most bought Apple devices in Kuwait? The top-most sold Apple devices are the iPad mini 1st Gen (WiFi), followed by the iPad mini 4th Gen (WiFi). Thirdly, we can find the iPad 5h Gen (WiFi); then, the iPad mini 2nd Gen (WiFi), and the iPad 6th Gen (WiFi).

iPhone 12 Users In Kuwait

In the segment of iPhone models, it comes out that most Kuwaiti buyers tend to choose the iPhone 12 rather than any previous or different brand models. The iPhone 12 is one of the latest most-sold versions of all Apple iPhones: it doesn’t shock anyone that its cutting-edge features attract mainly the younger pool of users in Kuwait: 57.6% of total iPhone 12 users belongs to the 25-to-34 range of users. For more details, consider the following points:

  • As already shown, 57.6% of Kuwaiti iPhone users are aged between 25 and 34 years old;
  • 28.6% of iPhone users in Kuwait are between 18 and 24 years old;
  • 12.2% of users are aged 35-to-44 years old;
  • 1.4% of users are in the 45-54 age segment;
  • 0.2% of Kuwaiti users are 55 years old and above.

Again, the gender distribution among the iPhone 12 owners in Kuwait inclines toward male users: 84.9% are male users, while only 15.1% are female users.

iPhone 11 Users In Kuwait

Slightly less new than iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 turns out to have all the main advanced features as its successor, so it’s one of the most chosen Apple devices in Kuwait in the iPhone category.

We can identify as iPhone 11 owners a significant share of Kuwaiti Apple buyers, whose age is distributed as you can see below:

Apple iPhone 11
  • 41.6% of total iPhone 11 owners are aged 18-to-24 years old;
  • 41.5% (only 0.01% less than the previous) of iPhone 11 users are in the 25-to-34 range;
  • 13.3% of users are aged between 35 and 44 years old;
  • 3.1% of Kuwaiti iPhone 11 users are in the 45-to-54 age:
  • 0.6% of iPhone 11 owners are aged 55 or above.

Regarding the gender shares, it appears that 72.6% of iPhone 11 owners are male, while 27.4% are female. Again, the male component accounts for a higher portion of the iPhone buyers in Kuwait.

iPhone X Users In Kuwait

The Apple iPhone X reveals to be a good purchase for a very large percentage of Kuwaiti Apple buyers. The design of this iPhone model looks captivating, sleek, and comfortable to handle. In addition, it’s packed with an excellent operating system. Here’s how Kuwaiti iPhone X owners are distributed:

  • 44.2% of total Kuwaiti iPhone X users fall into the 18-to-24 age pool;
  • 40.6% of iPhone X buyers are aged between 25 and 34 years old;
  • 12.1% of Kuwaiti iPhone X owners belong to the 35-to-44 age pool;
  • 2.6% of iPhone X buyers are aged between 45 and 54 years old;
  • 0.5% of Kuwaiti iPhone X owners go under the 55-and-above age pool.

How many male users and female users are in Kuwait for the iPhone X? Not surprisingly, most users fall into the male gender: precisely, 65.4% of total iPhone X users are male, while 34.6% of users are female.


The current stats reveal that Kuwaiti mobile users love Apple devices, both iPads, and iPhones. Also, the numbers identify the Kuwaiti mobile market as a male-dominated pool of buyers, but this trend should mitigate in favor of female users in the next years.