Leaker: No Second-Generation HomePod, But a “Mini” Model is on the Way

Leaker: No Second-Generation HomePod, But a “Mini” Model is on the Way

Apple is widely expected to unveil a smaller, lower-priced “HomePod mini” at its online event scheduled for Tuesday, October 13. This has led to speculation that a second-generation HomePod might also take the virtual stage.

Unfortunately, well-known serial leaker “L0vetodream” this morning dashed a bit of cold water on those hopes, saying there won’t be a second-generation HomePod unveiled alongside the “mini” model this time around.

Rumors of a HomePod 2 saw additional stoking after Apple earlier this year began allowing employees to purchase up to 10 HomePods at a 50% discount, up from the previous limit of 2. This led to speculation that Apple could be attempting to clear out their current HomePod inventory ahead of the debut of a new model.

Admittedly, the HomePod has allegedly never sold well, and Apple has never disclosed exact sales figures for the HomePod. Instead, it groups the speaker in its “Wearables, Home, and Accessories” category,. While Apple has worked to improve the smart speaker’s feature set, its price is thought to have been the biggest obstacle to improved sales.

Apple’s HomePod launched in February 2018 with a $349 price tag, reducing its price a bit more than a year later to $299. The HomePod faces several lower-priced competitors, including Amazon’s Echo and the recently announced Google Nest.

(Via MacRumors)