Leaker Shares Images of Alleged New AirPods Diagnosis Tool

Leaker Shares Images of Alleged New AirPods Diagnosis Tool

The leaker known as “Fudge” has shared images on Twitter of what is allegedly a new tool being rolled out to Apple service providers for testing first and second-generation AirPods. (But apparently not AirPods Pro.)

The new tool appears to be part of an effort by Apple to reduce the unnecessary servicing of AirPods by more accurately diagnosing faults. For example, dirt blockage, which is difficult to visually detect, is said to be simple to detect using a simple new tool. This would cut down on services for issues that could have been resolved with a simple deep clean.

A service provider inserts an iPhone into a tray. The iPhone can then run an app to determine what might be the cause of AirPods malfunctions. The tool tests both first and second-generation AirPods by pointing them at the iPhone’s microphone. The post says the diagnosis process functions similarly to the “existing ‌iPhone‌ Audio test in principle.”

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