Apple’s Shazam Promotion Offers up to Five-Month Apple Music Free Trial

Apple’s Shazam Promotion Offers up to Five-Month Apple Music Free Trial

Apple is offering free trials of up to five months for Apple Music through a promotion through the company’s Shazam music identification app.

The promotion offers one of the best free trials ever available for Apple Music, as Apple usually offers a three-month free trial to new subscribers.

As noted by MacRumors, do the following to access the promotion:

Download the Shazam app on your iOS device, then identify a song that is currently playing where you are, be it on television, in a movie, or even playing in the background at your local supermarket. Do this by opening the app and tapping the Shazam icon in the app. Once the app recognizes the song, you should be presented with the option to play the track in Apple Music.

When you tap the option, you should then see an up to a five-month free trial offer of Apple Music, depending on whether you’ve ever subscribed to the service, and how long ago you subscribed. Some users say they’ve been successful in activating the promotion by opening Shazam’s options screen and tapping the Apple Music banner.

The offer runs through January 17, 2021, and is available in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, and other countries.

If you decide Apple Music isn’t for you before the five months are up, you can cancel your Apple Music subscription while still enjoying the full five-month trial.

Shazam is free and is available for download from the App Store [GET IT HERE].