Some HomePod mini Users Experiencing WiFi Connectivity Problems

Some HomePod mini Users Experiencing WiFi Connectivity Problems

Apple’s new HomePod mini smart speaker has proven to be popular with consumers and has been getting good reviews around the web. However, some buyers are reporting issues with the speaker and WiFi connectivity.

A thread on Apple’s support forums highlights the problems that some users are facing, and while there is a suggested fix, only temporarily remedies the issue.

Users that report WiFi issues say their HomePod mini will disconnect from the internet, and they say Siri responds to queries with “I am having trouble connecting to the Internet.”

I am having issues with HomePod mini not connecting to the internet. My other HomePods have no issue when I ask a question etc. But when I ask one or both of the HomePod mini’s it says ” I am having trouble connecting to the internet.

I followed the trouble shooting steps apple provides but it goes back to “I am having trouble connecting to the internet.” after a couple of hours. Then it is normal again.

Apple has provided some troubleshooting steps, which include rebooting the HomePod mini to restoring the device to its default settings. However, in both cases, the fix is only temporary.

In addition to complaints on the Apple support forums, users on Reddit have also reported similar issues with their HomePod mini.

Having this problem with one of my mini’s as well. It seems to stream music fine when I control it directly (not airplaying from phone/device, but this also works fine). However, when I ask it to do something. It says it is having trouble with the connection.

When I restart it. It works for a while and eventually runs into the same issue.

So far, I personally haven’t experienced this issue with my new HomePod mini in the week that I have had it. (Keeping fingers crossed.)

As mentioned by 9to5Mac, the HomePod mini runs on tvOS, so hopefully, Apple will soon be able to fix this issue by releasing a new version of the operating system soon.