Pixelmator Pro 2.0.2 Adds New Effects, ProRAW Support, More

Pixelmator Pro 2.0.2 Adds New Effects, ProRAW Support, More

The Pixelmator team has announced the release of Pixelmator Pro 2.0.2, which adds 3 new effects, full support for Apple ProRAW photos, improved shadow and highlight recovery, and the ability to use the WebP format in the Export for Web.

What’s New

Version 2.0.3

Pixelmator Pro 2.0.3 adds support for Apple ProRAW photos, improves shadow and highlight recovery, includes three new effects, brings the ability to use the WebP format in the Export for Web tool, and more.


• Pixelmator Pro now fully supports Apple ProRAW photos.

• When adjusting images using the Lightness adjustment, the Shadows and Highlights sliders will now be able to recover more detail.

• Use the new Gradient Map effect to creatively colorize images using any number of colors.

• Realistically distort and reshape images using the new Displacement Map effect.

• The new High Pass effect lets you quickly separate fine textures and details from images.

• When hovering over blending modes in the Effects tool, each blending mode will now be instantly previewed in your image.

• The WebP format is now available in the Export for Web tool.

• The General tab of Pixelmator Pro preferences has been updated, adding a new Auto appearance option like in System Preferences.

• The Align Objects commands now have handy keyboard shortcuts – press and hold the Command-Control keys, then press an arrow key to align edges in that direction, H to align Horizontal centers, or V to align Vertical centers.

• The Character Spacing slider will now display negative values by default.

• New gradient stops will now be created with the color of the area you click.

• When zooming your image, there will be haptic feedback when the image is at 100% zoom or perfectly fits the Pixelmator Pro window.

• The full range of Hue slider in the Selective Color adjustment will now be displayed by default.

• You can now pin the histogram to the top of the Color Adjustments pane – find the new option in Format > Color Adjustments > Histogram or by Control-clicking the histogram.


• When picking colors using the color pickers in the Replace Color and Monochrome adjustments, only areas inside the selected layer could be picked. Fixed.

• When opening documents with a large number of effects, adjustments, or styles, the tool options pane could not be scrolled until an effect, adjustment, or style was added or removed. Fixed.

• The anchor points and direction handles of shapes would sometimes move at different speeds than from vector paths themselves. Fixed.

• When drawing line shapes with the Inside stroke style applied, these lines would be temporarily rendered incorrectly if they were horizontal or vertical. Fixed.

• When drawing paths with the Pen tools, points would not correctly snap into place. Fixed.

• When using Refine Selection and then adjusting selected areas using the Color Adjustments tool, the changes in the selected area would not be flattened correctly. Fixed.

• Pixelmator Pro would quit unexpectedly when opening RAW images on macOS 10.14 Mojave. Fixed.

• In the About Pixelmator Pro window, the version number is now selectable.

Pixelmator Pro 2.0.2 is available in the Mac App Store. The popular image editor is currently available for 50% off the normal price.