Some AirPods Max Users Seeing Condensation Inside Ear Cups

Some AirPods Max Users Seeing Condensation Inside Ear Cups

Apple’s AirPods Max over the ear headphones were released on December 15, and since then a growing number of owners are complaining of issues with condensation in the ear cups.

MacRumors reports that a number of their readers have run into a problem with condensation. Readers that have used the headphones for a prolonged amount of time say they are seeing noticeable condensation inside the ear cup. MacRumors reader ssong:

So I’ve had my AirPods max for just under a week and have noticed that after prolonged usage there’s a decent amount of condensation inside the ear cup.

It’s quite noticeable when you detach the magnetic ear cushions from the ear cup.

the condensation reportedly happens no matter what the temperature is, and while some users are seeing it after several hours of use, others say they see it in just an hour or two. One use claims the issue has led to issues with Active Noise Cancellation, but no one else has reported the same problem.

the issue doesn’t seem to be isolated to Apple’s headphones, as some users report the same issue with other manufacturers’ headphones From MacRumors reader JBGoode:

I get this on my Sony WH1000XM3. I’ve had them for a long time and it’s no big deal. Have none of you owned over the head cans before? Your ears are gonna a sweat and there will be some condensation. I think it’s pretty common for this type of headphones.

Since the AirPods Max are not water-resistant, users are understandably concerned that the condensation may affect the life of the headphones

Some owners have returned their headphones, while others have invested in AppleCare+ just in case. Apple has not commented on the report.

(Photo Source: MacRumors reader Steven.)