Apple Music for Android Beta Confirms Lossless Audio Streaming on Its Way

Apple Music for Android Beta Confirms Lossless Audio Streaming on Its Way

Apple is expected to announce a brand new HiFi Apple Music tier as soon as early next week, and new warnings found in the Apple Music for Android beta confirm that Apple is working on the feature.

9to5Google reports that the ‌Apple Music‌ beta for Android includes multiple warnings to users that streaming audio at lossless (high-fidelity) streaming, consumes more data and bandwidth.

Lossless audio files preserve every detail of the original file. Turning this on will consume significantly more data.

Lossless audio files will use significantly more space on your device. 10 GB of space could store approximately: – 3000 songs at high quality – 1000 songs with lossless – 200 songs with hi-res lossless

Lossless streaming will consume significantly more data. A 3-minute song will be approximately: – 1.5 MB with high efficiency- 6 MB with high quality at 256 kbps- 36 MB with lossless at 24-bit/48 kHz- 145 MB with hi-res lossless at 24-bit/192 kHzSupport varies and depends on song availability, network conditions, and connected speaker or headphone capability.

A report earlier this month said Apple is preparing to launch a new HiFi Apple Music tier in the “coming weeks.” The new music tier will come alongside the release of the much-rumored third-generation AirPods.

The publication says sources within the music industry tell them that the new high-fidelity music streaming tier will cost the same $9.99 monthly subscription as the current individual tier. Spotify, ‌Apple Music‌’s most fierce competitor, has announced that later this year, Spotify users will be able to “upgrade their sound quality to Spotify HiFi and listen to their favorite songs the way artists intended.”

Apple is currently beta testing iOS and iPadOS 14.6 with developers, and code within the update indicates that users will have the option to switch between different streaming qualities.