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  • Pixelmator Team Releases Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral – New ML Crop, Redesigned Crop Tool, More

Pixelmator Team Releases Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral – New ML Crop, Redesigned Crop Tool, More

Pixelmator Team Releases Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral – New ML Crop, Redesigned Crop Tool, More

The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral, which introduces a new ML Crop and redesigned Crop Tool, Quick Fill, redesigned Paint Tool, an improved Type tool, and more.

Pixelmator Pro Coral

What’s New in Version 2.1.1

Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral adds the ability to automatically crop photos using machine learning, brings a way to quickly fill any layer with a color using the magic of drag and drop, includes a redesigned Paint tool and an improved Type tool, and much more.

ML Crop and Redesigned Crop Tool

• The Crop tool has been redesigned and now features an ML Crop button that provides suggestions for how you could crop your photos to make them more eye-catching.

• The Crop tool will now be much faster with large documents that contain many layers.

• New perspective correction sliders will let you adjust the perspective of images right in the Crop tool.

• The Crop tool now features 7 photographic overlays, such as Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, and Golden Spiral.

Quick Fill

• The Quick Fill feature adds a way to quickly fill images, shapes, and text layers with a color using the magic of drag and drop.

• You can drag and drop from any color well in the app onto any layer in your image or even onto layers in the Layers sidebar.

• In Format > Image, you’ll find a new Fill with Color command that lets you fill layers with color.

• The new color well in the Pixelmator Pro toolbar will now display both your foreground and background colors and let you switch between them.

Stroke with Brush and Redesigned Paint Tool

• The Stroke with Brush feature lets you automatically draw brush strokes along any image layer, shape, or selection, using any brush in your collection.

• You’ll see a live preview of your brush stroke as you adjust its basic and advanced settings.

• You can also simulate tablet pressure and set a maximum pressure location for your brush strokes.

• The redesigned Paint tool features an all-new brush browser with the ability to search for brushes by name.

• After changing the settings of a brush, you’ll also be able to update the selected preset with just a click.

• The Paint tool now includes a Smoothing feature that will automatically smooth your brush strokes as you paint.

Redesigned Type Tool

• The Type tool has received a makeover and now includes a text size slider, buttons for changing text size in small increments, a text field, and text size presets, bringing a wide variety of ways to resize text.

• The new Advanced Options action pop-up menu makes character spacing, baseline, baseline shift, and ligature options easier to reach.

• The new Spacing section lets you adjust line height and space before and after paragraphs.

• The new Indents section gives you a way to adjust paragraph indents for the first line and the left and right sides.

• Double-clicking the thumbnail of a text layer will now choose the Type tool.

• Character spacing can now be set much more precisely, with the ability to enter decimal values.


• The options for adjusting the color of the Pixelmator Pro window background have been updated, adding presets specifically designed for working with images of various colors.

• To quickly change the color of the window background, you can now Control-click anywhere outside your image.

• The color of the checkerboard will now adapt to dark and light appearances.

• The pixel grid will now be displayed at lower zoom levels – 1600% instead of 3200%.

• The Selective Color adjustment will now appear above the Color Balance adjustment.

• In Format > Image, you’ll find new commands for filling layers with color.

• When deleting cropped areas, line shapes that are partially outside the canvas will no longer be deleted.

• Pressing and holding the Option key while dropping layers into your compositions will now turn off automatic layer naming.

• Option-Command-clicking a layer thumbnail will now load a selection according to the grayscale values of an image. You’ll also find this in the Edit menu when pressing and holding the Shift key.

Pixelmator Pro 2.1 Coral is a free update for owners of previous Pixelmator Pro versions and is currently on sale for 50% at $19.99. It is available now, in the Mac App Store. A 15-day free trial is also available here.