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Some M1 Mac Buyers Reporting Crooked Displays

Some M1 Mac Buyers Reporting Crooked Displays

Some buyers of Apple’s new M1 iMac say their iMac has a manufacturing defect that causes the display to be mounted on the stand in such a way that it’s not aligned properly, leading to a crooked display.

MacRumors reports that YouTubers and users on the Apple Support Communities are reporting the issue.

YouTuber iPhonedo published a video review of the M1 iMac a few days ago, and he found that his new iMac’s display was tilting to one side. It was visibly noticeable, and iPhonedo proved it by using a ruler.

An M1 iMac user on the Apple Support Communities┬áalso complained of a tilted display, with a 1mm disparity between the right and left ends of the display. A third user on Reddit also reported a skewed display after watching iPhonedo’s video.

Checked mine after watching this and it’s also crooked.
Not to the degree of his, but not completely level either.
I’m outside of my return window and I can’t take the time hit of not having a machine to work on for a month, but super disappointing that Apple of all companies is shipping units with such a glaring oversight.

Currently, it appears that the problem is limited in scale, but we’ll have to watch and see whether it becomes a widespread issue. Apple may opt to allow buyers to return their crooked iMacs outside of the usual two-week window, but we’ll see. New buyers of an M1 iMac are advised to check for a crooked display when buying a new machine, so it can be swapped out within its normal return window.