Voice and Video Calling to Return to Facebook App From Messenger App

Voice and Video Calling to Return to Facebook App From Messenger App

Facebook is restoring voice and video calling features to its main Facebook app after moving the features over to the Messenger app in 2014.

Bloomberg reports that users in some countries, including the United States. are now able to make voice or video calls directly from the Facebook app. Facebook is currently testing the feature, which should reduce the number of times that Facebook users need to swap back-and-forth between the main Facebook app and the Messenger app.

Messenger and Facebook were originally included in a single app, but Facebook in 2014 split them into two separate apps, removing Messenger functionality from Facebook. Customers had to download the Messenger app to have the ability to send private messages or to make phone calls on the Facebook platform.

Connor Hayes, director of product management at Messenger toldĀ Bloomberg that Facebook is beginning to consider Messenger as a service rather than a standalone app. “You’re going to start to see quite a bit more of this over time.”

Hayes said that Messenger is the “connective tissue” for people to communicate regardless of which service they’re using. Facebook believes that a unified messaging infrastructure will keep its users engaged in the Facebook ecosystem.

(Via MacRumors)