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Some macOS Monterey Users Report Issues With USB Hub Connectivity

Some macOS Monterey Users Report Issues With USB Hub Connectivity

Some Mac users that have installed macOS Monterey on their machines report they are having issues getting USB hubs and other USB-based devices to work properly with their Mac.

Several users have reported about the issues on RedditApple’s Developer Forums, and Apple’s Support Communities. Some users report that the USB 3.0 ports on their hub no longer work since upgrading to Monterey. However, HDMI, USB-C, and other hub ports continue to work properly.

Some users say the USB hubs fail to work at all. Even Apple-certified hubs are showing issues.

From Reddit user Flyersny81:

My USB-C hub has issues with this update. The HDMI port connected to my second screen is working on the hub but none of the USB3 ports are working at all. I have tried different C ports on the MacMini and different hubs (I have 4). I also replicated this issue on my M1 MacBook Air after updating to Monterey. Here is the hub I am using. These hubs worked perfectly in Big Sur.

Had a call with Apple support and they said to try an Apple certified hub. I used this one I had floating around in my bag and both the HDMI and USB3 ports worked on it. I tried to daisy chain the Amazon hub to the Apple hub but that didn’t work either. Support told me that many people have been complaining about this issue and it will hopefully be fixed in the next patch to be pushed out.

Other users say the USB hubs work properly except for the power delivery port.

From Apple’s Developer Forums:

PD (Power Delivery) over USB-C also stopped working on my MBP 2018 after updating to Monterey (12.0.1). I use a Philips 346P1CRH. Everything was working flawlessly with Big Sur.

– TommyWi

Essentially, Monterey has broken support for a WIDE number of USB Hubs. Some USB Hubs work but certain ports on the hub do not, some Hubs do not work at all.

For me, USB-C & HDMI work on the hub, but my USB 3.0 port will only power devices and there appears to be no data transfer.

This issue is absolutely a Monterey bug. My devices were working fine prior to upgrading, and I have been able to replicate the issue and narrow it down by testing against a device that does not have Monterey installed.

– macmjs1996

Many of the issues reported are from owners of M1-powered Macs, but not all. Similar issues have been reported on Intel Macs. Users say that USB issues were reported in early beta versions of Monterey, which suggests the USB issues could be due to a bug that Apple has still not patched.

Anyone who has not yet upgraded to Monterey and relies on a USB hub is strongly advised to hold off upgrading until Apple issues a fix for the issue.

(Via MacRumors)