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Black Friday Deals From MacTrast Deals: Gifts for $100 or Less

Black Friday Deals From MacTrast Deals: Gifts for $100 or Less

It’s Black Friday and if you’re like us, you’re looking for ways to pay less for holiday gifts, especially after paying so much for your Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. In this article, I’ll share the top deals under $100 from our MacTrast Deals website.

4K Dual-Camera Pro GPS Drone: Capture High-Resolution Images Using This Remote-Controlled GPS Drone with HD Camera, One-Key Takeoff/Landing, EIS & More: Take the most amazing aerial footage and images using this GPS drone capable of capturing 4K resolution content! This remote-controlled quadcopter drone is fitted with a 3-axis gimbal for stable shots. With a remote distance of 1,200m, you can capture wide aerial shots with it. Complete with an HD camera, a 2.4G motor, and video following features, it can keep track of your movement where ever you want to shoot.

Just $69.95!

SunFounder Robotic Arm Edge Kit for Arduino: Dive into DIY Robotics by Creating Your Own Robot Hand: The Rollarm Kit for Arduino is designed for DIY electronics hobbyists to learn robot arm control. With the open-source MCU Arduino UNO and a servo expansion board, the robot arm is easy to use and full of fun. You can control its four axes by the 4 potentiometer buttons, as well as make them move on your computer. In addition, it can memorize the movements it has made and repeat them again and again, making it a great tool for repeated tasks.

Just $54.99!

DIY Coding Kit for Ages 9 to 12: Enter Coupon GET10NOW for Discount! Help Develop Your Child’s STEM Skills with the Most Fun Way to Learn Computer Programming: With the Twin Coding Kit, children reveal the creative power at their fingertips through coding. From turning bananas into a piano to building a smart security gate, kids get to see how much they can do through coding while having fun. By introducing children to both the hardware and the software, the Twin Coding Kit teaches kids the fundamentals of computer programming – one of the most sought-after STEAM skills of the 21-st Century.

Just $54.99! – Use coupon code GET10NOW at checkout to get this product for 10% off

The All-in-One DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test & Dog Training Bundle: Award-Winning Dog Breed Test Kit + A 12-Hour Course Bundle on Dog Training! Understand Your Furry Friend Better & Start Your Career as a Trainer: Meet the easy and painless dog DNA cheek swab kit that will help you understand your favorite four-legged friend on a whole new level. Swab your dog’s cheek, mail in the DNA sample, and in two weeks or less, you’ll get detailed reports breaking down your dog’s unique characteristics: personality traits, DNA composition, breed mix, predisposition to disease, and much more.

Just $59.99

Scenes Solar Panel Charger (2-Pack): This Solar Panel Charger Absorbs Sunlight & Converts It to Power to Keep Your Cameras Working Well All Day, Every Day!: With 91% efficiency, this solar panel charger absorbs more sunlight to keep your camera working well and support your security camera operation during the day and at night. You don’t need to worry about frequently charging the batteries of your camera. The waterproof design allows for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can feel free to install it outdoors, for example, in your garage, backyard, or anywhere else with a -10°C ~ 80°C temperature range. With an adjustable mounting bracket and 10ft long power cable, installation is easy anywhere so you can ensure maximum sunlight exposure.

Just $59.99!

There are plenty more deals under $100 where these came from, so be sure to visit the MacTrast Deals website for more great deals.