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Tumblr Blocks Hundreds of Search Terms in Its iOS App

Tumblr Blocks Hundreds of Search Terms in Its iOS App

Tumblr now blocks 400+ search terms in its iOS app. The blockade is intended to reduce the chance of the app being banned from the App Store. Some of the search terms are clearly sexually related, but other blocked words are being blocked for less clear reasons.

Tumblr explained the changes in a blog post.

For those of you who access Tumblr through our iOS app, we wanted to share that starting today you may see some differences for search terms and recommended content that can contain specific types of sensitive content. In order to comply with Apple’s App Store Guidelines, we are having to adjust, in the near term, what you’re able to access as it relates to potentially sensitive content while using the iOS app.

To remain available within Apple’s App Store, we are having to extend the definition of what sensitive content is as well as the way you access it in order to comply with their guidelines […]

When searching for certain terms or phrases that may fall under the expanded definition of sensitive content, you may experience fewer results from that query than you have in the past. In certain circumstances, a search may not produce any results at all and you will see a message like the one below:

“This content has been hidden. This content has been hidden because of potentially suggestive or explicit content.

The company says that it is taking two additional measures:

Blog access: If you tap on a blog through the iOS Tumblr app that is flagged as explicit due to these changes, you will see the same message as above and will not be able to access that blog.

Dashboard: For iOS users, under our “stuff for you” and “following” sections within the dashboard, you may see fewer suggested posts based on the changes being made.

Tumblr prohibited adult content in 2018 after Apple removed the social network’s app from iTunes after child exploitation photos were found on the website. The changes only apply to its iOS app, and won’t affect users browsing Tumblr on the web or on Android.

Tumblr admits that the situation is less than ideal.

We understand that, for some of you, these changes may be very frustrating – we understand that frustration and we are sorry for any disruption that these changes may cause. Please know that on the near horizon there will be meaningful developments that will overhaul how you choose to access sensitive content safely on Tumblr – whether visiting us on mobile, mobile web or through our website […]

While we don’t have an exact timeline for how long these changes will be in effect, we are working on additional features that will allow for a less restricted iOS app experience. We anticipate this work to be ready in the near future and we will keep you all updated on our Changes blog as that work continues.

Via Engadget