Apple Countersues Ericsson Over Use of 5G Patents

Apple Countersues Ericsson Over Use of 5G Patents

Apple has countersued Ericsson as a response to Ericsson’s lawsuits over Apple’s use of its 5G patents. Apple’s countersuit seeks to get a U.S. import ban on the Swedish firm’s mobile base station.

Ericsson is suing Apple over the Cupertino firm’s continuing use of the Swedish company’s 5G patents in the iPhone, even though its licensing agreement has expired.

Ericsson’s two lawsuits cover a total of 12 separate patents. The two firms had engaged in negotiations that failed to reach a deal before the prior licensing deal had expired.

Ericsson and Apple had been involved in lengthy negotiations over the use of the 5G patents in the iPhone, following the expiration of a previous deal. As each part of the previous deal expired, Ericsson filed lawsuits against Apple.

According to Foss PatentsApple’s countersuit requests that the ITC impose a US import ban on Ericsson mobile infrastructure products. Apple claims that the products infringe on three of its own mmWave-related patents.

Apple has reportedly not previously asserted its rights to these patents in any litigation. Apple’s filing also says that it is willing to withdraw the suit, if Ericsson will return the favor.

(Via AppleInsider)