Leaker: Apple Experimenting With Multiple Foldable iPhone Prototypes

Leaker: Apple Experimenting With Multiple Foldable iPhone Prototypes

Apple is experimenting with multiple foldable iPhone prototypes, says leaker Dylandkt. However, we may not see a foldable iPhone any time in the near future, as Apple still has concerns over the available foldable display technology as well as the viability of the market for foldable smartphones.

Dylandkt tweeted that Apple is working on a possible foldable handset, but that foldable display technology is not advanced enough and too many “compromises” remain.

Apple is also said to have concerns about whether foldable smartphones will continue to be popular with consumers or if they will become obsolete in the coming years.

Apple wants to be sure that a foldable design isn’t a “regression from the current form factor of the ‌iPhone‌.” which could indeed happen if there are issues with display longevity and quality because of the folding functionality. The tweets suggest that Apple is continuing to take a wait-and-see approach to foldable smartphone technology.

However, there have been previous rumors indicating that Apple will soon release a foldable iPhone. Well-connected Apple industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in 2021 that Apple is developing a foldable iPhone boasting an 8-inch flexible OLED QHD+ display that’s set to be released in 2023.