Apple Still Negotiating to Stream MLB Games on Apple TV+

Apple Still Negotiating to Stream MLB Games on Apple TV+

The New York Post today reported that NBC is in talks to stream Major League Baseball games on its streaming service, Peacock. Last month came a report that Apple is looking to make a deal that would allow them to stream MLB games via its Apple TV+ service.

Neither deal has yet been officially, but both are expected to reach an agreement soon. Now, it’s up to MLB to actually play games this year, as they’re currently in the midst of a player lockout.

The article notes that the MLB is looking for a $100 million to $150 million payout for streaming rights to their games. NBC and Apple would share the amount, with Apple paying the lion’s share of the fees.

The MLB Network is expected to handle all production of the games to be streamed through the Apple TV+ deal.

Apple has long been anxious to add sports to its Apple TV+ offerings. However, even though spring training for the two major leagues should be in full swing by now, owners and players are in the midst of a labor dispute, with MLB team owners locking out players.

)Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash)