Apple Suppliers Readying for Production of Multiple OLED iPads

Apple Suppliers Readying for Production of Multiple OLED iPads

A new report from The Elec adds fuel to the rumor fire about new OLED iPad models. The new report says LG Display is shifting some of its OLED production equipment at its E5 line at its plant in Gumi, South Korea to its plant in Paju.

The report’s sources also said the company was transferring some of its tensioners – used in depositing OLED materials on the panel during production – to its E6-4 line at its P10 plant in Paju.

The Elec says LG is “likely” making the moves to prepare for the production of OLED panels that will be featured in future iPad models from Apple.

The Elec report is just the latest to indicate that suppliers are preparing for a shift to OLED displays on some iPad models.

A January report from The Elec claimed that Apple may release an iPad that sports an OLED display manufactured by Samsung in 2024. Samsung is reportedly developing the required hardware to create the OLED panels, but Apple will be required to make a big enough order to make the project worth doing.

Last July, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) said that Apple is expected to release its first OLED iPad in 2023. The iPad is expected to be a 10.9-inch AMOLED ‌iPad‌, which could be an iPad Air.