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Apple Fines Total in Dutch Antitrust Case Hits 50 Million Euros

Apple Fines Total in Dutch Antitrust Case Hits 50 Million Euros

Apple on Monday was hit with another €5 million ($5.5 million) fine in the Netherlands by the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), for failing to comply with requirements the authority set regarding alternative payment systems for dating apps.

The ACM has slammed Apple with weekly fines of 5 million euros ever since the company missed a Jan. 15 deadline to make changes ordered by the watchdog. The regulator will continue to fine Apple five million euros per week, up to a maximum of 50 million euros, until it finds the company has come into compliance.

Last month, the ACM said that Apple had “raised several barriers” for dating apps looking to offer alternative payment systems in the Netherlands. Developers must submit an entitlement request form on Apple’s website, and that entitlement can only be used with a new app distributed only on the Netherlands App Store.

Apple has so far allowed dating apps in the Netherlands to use third-party payment methods, but developers who wish to use this feature must submit a separate app binary and cannot offer third-party payment options and in-app purchases simultaneously.

Apple has appealed the ACM’s order, saying alternative payment systems in the App Store pose privacy and security risks for customers. The company also says that it will not be able to assist customers if they request refunds, have questions about subscription management, and other issues.

Apple announced additional details in February about how alternative payment systems in the Netherlands will work in the App Store. The Cupertino firm will charge a 27% commission on dating apps transactions that are paid for using alternative payment systems.

Apple on Sunday again adjusted its proposal for compliance, and the ACM says that it “should result in definitive conditions for dating-app providers that wish to use the App Store,” hopefully ending the fines.

The ACM plans to review Apple’s new submission and will hand down a ruling on whether Apple is complying if it implements the new measures outlined in the proposal.