Samsung Begins Developing Possible OLED Panel for 2024 iPad Lineup

Samsung Begins Developing Possible OLED Panel for 2024 iPad Lineup

A report by The Elec says Samsung Display just started the development of a new OLED panel that uses a two-stack tandem structure. The display could be used in future iPad models.

The report says that “people familiar with the matter” tell them that the South Korean display manufacturer is developing the panels in a bid to win the contract from Apple OLED iPads expected to launch in 2024.

This OLED display uses a two-stack tandem structure where the panel has two emission lawyers (EML).

“Having a two-stack structure, as opposed to the single-stack structure currently manufactured by Samsung Display, doubles the brightness of the OLED panel while its life span is expected to be quadrupled,” explains the publication.

In addition to using the new displays in new iPad models as soon as 2024, Apple could also use OLED panels in its MacBook and iMac lineups as well.

Samsung Display is currently developing this so-called T1 material with the intent of starting commercial production in 2023. A “T2” successor could start production as soon as 2024, which would likely be used on iPads.

LG is also in the running for a piece of Apple’s OLED iPad display action, as reports have indicated that the company is planning to double the production capacity of an OLED plant dedicated to small- and medium-size displays.

(Via 9to5Mac)