Shazam App Update Brings Concert Discovery Feature

Shazam App Update Brings Concert Discovery Feature

Shazam, Apple’s music discovery app and service, now boasts new concert-related features that will make it easier for users to locate and explore upcoming live music shows.

When a user Shazams a song, searches for it in the Shazam app or looks for it on the Shazam website, they will now see new information about concerts and about ticket availability for upcoming shows nearby. Apple says the new feature will help increase exposure for artists.

Artist pages now include dates, times, and locations of upcoming live shows. A quick tap on any concert allows users to view additional tour information.

“Shazam has a long history of innovation in music discovery and connecting artists and fans,” said Apple VP for Apple Music and Beats, Oliver Schusser. “With the reemergence of live music, we’re excited to give Shazam users access to concerts and bring even more discoverability to artists.”

Shazam Entertainment Limited was founded in 1999 by Chris Barton and Philip Inghelbrecht, launching the service in 2002. Shazam was purchased by Apple in 2018.